Performing artists celebrate 70 years of Japan-Cambodia diplomatic ties

Artists from Japan and Cambodia have showcased traditional performances at an event in Angkor to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the two countries' diplomatic ties.

Rosalynn Carter helped me, and thousands of other Cambodian refugees, survive

I never got the chance to meet former first lady Rosalynn Carter in person, but our paths have crossed more than I could have imagined.

Lisa brings a smile to the faces of Cambodian children

Netizens are praising K-pop sensation Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban after learning that the Thai member of Blackpink group donated to PSE, a non-profit organisation for underprivileged children in Cambodia.

In search of Cambodia’s budding brewmasters

Drinkers in Phnom Penh warm to emerging craft beer makers.

Cambodia’s Koh Ker archaeological site inscribed on Unesco World Heritage List

Cambodia’s Koh Ker temple archaeological site has been officially added to Unesco’s World Heritage List during the ongoing 45th session of the World Heritage Committee in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Testimonial therapy: Buddhism’s influence in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge tribunal

Faith-based interventions and criminal prosecutions can innovatively meet.

I grew up living hand to mouth in Cambodia. I secretly enrolled in the circus when I was 13, and it became my lifeline...

Circus artist Kong Viban was born in Battambang, in northwestern Cambodia.

Family of late U.S. billionaire agrees to return looted Cambodian artefacts

The family of late American pipeline billionaire George Lindemann has agreed to return 33 looted artefacts to Cambodia, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office, a decision described as "momentous" by the Southeast Asian country.

Silk Road, Chinese tea forest and Khmer empire sites vie for Unesco World Heritage status

Unesco is meeting to update its World Heritage list, with 53 sites, from Khmer empire ruins to a Yunnan tea forest and stretch of Silk Road, vying for inclusion.

How a tour of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh reveals a heritage hotbed beneath the new Chinese money

Phnom Penh might seem like one huge building site fuelled by Chinese money but heritage tours uncover its abundant historical and traditional architecture.

Silenced by Hun Sen’s regime, famed Cambodian poet could have been a national treasure. Instead he works a noodle cart 14 hours a day

Poet and former monk Chin Meas ekes out a living on his noodle cart in Siem Reap, but he still finds ways to express himself – when he has the energy.

Inside the effort to return stolen cultural artifacts to Cambodia

It was Hollywood that turned the temple complex around Angkor Wat into an ultra-famous location, but the Cambodian site is so much more than a movie set.

Villagers celebrate traditional ritual to ask “guardian spirit” to bring good fortune and rain in Cambodia

Dozens of villagers on the northwest outskirts of Phnom Penh in Cambodia painted their faces and bodies as well as donned grass skirts on Wednesday as they celebrated an annual traditional ritual to ask a "guardian spirit" to bring good fortune and rain for their rice crop.

Return to Seoul review – Park Ji-min lights up mesmerising tale of identity and alienation

An adopted woman travels from France to South Korea in search of her roots in Davy Chou’s star-making second film.

For blind musicians, Khmer culture sings

Traditional arts were crushed under the Khmer Rouge. But a school for orphans helps pass musical and poetic traditions down to future generations.

An Australian Who Worked to Restore Cambodian Culture Dies at 76

The passing of Darryl Collins is seen as “a great loss” for Cambodia.

Cambodia breaks its own Guinness World Record for largest Madison dance

Cambodia on Saturday broke its own Guinness World Record for the largest Madison dance involving 4,999 participants, a Guinness World Record adjudicator announced.

Long Beach’s new year festival: Some Cambodian Americans aren’t happy with the name Sankranta

At Long Beach’s first Sankranta festival to celebrate the Cambodian new year, people knelt and prayed at a mound of sand called a stupa, decorated with bright yellow flowers to honor ancestors.

Circa 1998: Recalling Pol Pot and his Khmer regime in Cambodia

Khmer Rouge leader died on April 15 in 1998, leaving behind a legacy of brutality and impoverishment.

Cambodians race oxen ahead of Khmer New Year (video)

Cambodians raced carts pulled by oxen on Sunday as part of the upcoming Khmer New Year celebrations in mid-April.


China’s Naval Base In Cambodia Undergoes Rapid Construction; Can Host An Aircraft Carrier – Satellite Images Reveal

In what appears to be another step towards realizing Chinese ambitions in the Indo-Pacific, a new set of satellite images reveals that the country has, since 2020, made progress toward constructing a naval base in Cambodia, with several structures now nearing completion.