Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Cambodia’s biggest lake is running dry, taking forests and fish with it

Drought and dams have pushed Tonle Sap into dangerous decline, threatening its swamp forests and the fish nurseries there that provide most of the nation's protein.

Southeast Asia’s most critical river is entering uncharted waters

This river has nourished civilizations for millennia. Now it’s drying up, under attack from dam building, overfishing, and sand mining.

A city guide to Phnom Penh

The Cambodian capital is reinventing itself after a turbulent century — emerging as a dynamic modern city with a creative culinary scene and stellar architecture.

How wheelchair basketball changed these women’s lives

When the Cambodian women’s wheelchair basketball team headed to their first major international competition, they found wins off the court.

Explore Cambodia’s ancient stone city

With its awe-inspiring temples, colorful cafés, and placid waterways, Siem Reap is a jewel of Southeast Asia.

Mekong River at its lowest in 100 years, threatening food supply

A combination of drought and controversial upstream water politics is setting up Southeast Asia for potential disaster.

In Cambodia, giant turtles come back from the brink

Once believed to be extinct in Cambodia, Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle is finally recovering.

Sand mining threatens ways of life, from Cambodia to Nigeria

A global building boom is driving a high demand for sand, and some of it is getting sourced from sensitive river systems that people rely on for traditional uses like fishing.

Rare giant soft-shell turtle released into the wild

This is the Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle. It’s an extremely rare species in Cambodia that can grow to be the size of a small sofa and live for more than a century.

Cambodia’s endangered river dolphins at highest population in 20 years

Once believed to number in the thousands, the dolphins of the Mekong River were devastated by war, hunting, and indiscriminate net fishing.

Beyond Angkor Wat: 5 ways to enjoy Siem Reap

After a morning at the famed temples, discover all the city has to offer.

How the world’s largest snake hunt hurts Southeast Asia’s biggest lake

Each year millions of water snakes are pulled from Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake, degrading this ecological wonder of the world.

See How Technology is Changing Traditional Teenage Dating in Cambodia

Cambodia is home to just over 20 ethnic minorities, with the Kreung being one of the country's largest groups. Traditionally, Kreung girls and boys approaching adolescence were given their own private huts outside the family home.

Baby Asian Elephants Are Being Crippled by Snares

Camera traps reveal that wire snares set to capture animals for bush meat are wounding baby elephants in Cambodia.

Critically Endangered Giant Fish on Menu at Luxury Restaurants

Vietnamese restaurateurs are illegally sourcing rare Mekong River megafish from Cambodian fishermen.