Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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TikTok star arrested for disparaging Cambodia’s biggest tourist attraction

A young Cambodian man popular on the TikTok social media platform was arrested after posting a video that questioned the country's reverence for its famed Angkor Wat temple, and was ordered detained even though he quickly deleted it and posted an apology.

Kiwi children’s foundation director in Cambodia dies

A Kiwi director of a children's foundation in Cambodia has been found dead in her hotel apartment.

Coronavirus: Kiwi’s life ‘up-ended’ after escaping lockdown in Cambodian fishing village

Ben Herbert can't believe how someone's whole life can be up-ended in the blink of an eye.

Following the Mekong River while riding a scooter

We stare at each other, heads turned in mutual curiosity.

From heaven to hell on the coast of Cambodia

I awake to the waves lapping beneath my tent and the screams of fellow campers going for their daily dawn swim.

The last, most shameful chapter of NZ’s involvement in the Vietnam War

The last New Zealand Army troops who took part in the Vietnam War flew home 47 years ago this month to a country that for the first time failed to put out a welcome-back mat for soldiers who had fought, killed and died in a foreign war.

Rob Hamill: Khmer Rouge genocide suspect let my brother die

The brother of a New Zealander killed in Cambodia says a Khmer Rouge veteran facing court this week is the person "most culpable" for the crime.

Hearing for Cambodian Khmer Rouge leader charged over New Zealander Kerry Hamill’s death

A war crimes tribunal will hear appeals involving a Khmer Rouge veteran charged over the death of New Zealander Kerry Hamill.

The travel scams we fell for: Cambodia’s border bandits

Travelling the world is the stuff of dreams ... until it's not.

The Kiwi making a difference to Cambodian kids

We've bumped and lurched down a long red dirt road, our Cambodian driver skilfully maneuvering around the biggest of the crater-sized potholes.

Kiwi man dies in Cambodia after suffering a heart attack

The body of a New Zealand man has been found in a hotel room in Cambodia.

Kiwi man, 31, dies of meningitis while teaching English in Cambodia

A New Zealand man who died while teaching in Cambodia is being remembered by family as a gentle giant.

Fashion goodness from Cambodia to Canterbury

Traditional Cambodian village houses are set high on stilts - for defence against floods but also for storage of equipment and livestock, and as a place to provide shade in the heat.