Monday, December 16, 2019
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Rob Hamill: Khmer Rouge genocide suspect let my brother die

The brother of a New Zealander killed in Cambodia says a Khmer Rouge veteran facing court this week is the person "most culpable" for the crime.

Hearing for Cambodian Khmer Rouge leader charged over New Zealander Kerry Hamill’s death

A war crimes tribunal will hear appeals involving a Khmer Rouge veteran charged over the death of New Zealander Kerry Hamill.

The travel scams we fell for: Cambodia’s border bandits

Travelling the world is the stuff of dreams ... until it's not.

The Kiwi making a difference to Cambodian kids

We've bumped and lurched down a long red dirt road, our Cambodian driver skilfully maneuvering around the biggest of the crater-sized potholes.

Kiwi man dies in Cambodia after suffering a heart attack

The body of a New Zealand man has been found in a hotel room in Cambodia.

Kiwi man, 31, dies of meningitis while teaching English in Cambodia

A New Zealand man who died while teaching in Cambodia is being remembered by family as a gentle giant.

Fashion goodness from Cambodia to Canterbury

Traditional Cambodian village houses are set high on stilts - for defence against floods but also for storage of equipment and livestock, and as a place to provide shade in the heat.