Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Coronavirus: Cambodia refuses to evacuate citizens from China as ‘we need to share their...

'Don’t run away from the Chinese people during this difficult moment'

Daughter of Beaufort woman dies in Cambodia

The Late Amelia Bambridge had relations in Killarney and Beaufort and had visited Kerry.

How investment transformed Cambodia’s coastline – and where to find the good bits

A rash of new luxury hotels have been built on the pristine shores of southern Cambodia and its islands. But at what cost, asks Rosemary Behan?

Cambodia explosion: British teacher among several injured as illegal petrol station bursts into flames

Dash cam footage captures moment structure bursts into flames, sending people running for cover.

Two-year-old girl eaten alive by crocodiles after fall at family farm in Cambodia

Girl was alone with mother and newborn baby at family’s crocodile farm.

Dark tourism: What is drawing thousands to Chernobyl and Cambodia’s killing fields?

Olivia Alabaster travels to Ukraine to examine why people feel compelled to visit the sites of some of humanity’s greatest atrocities – and whether it can be done ethically.

Cambodian Prime Minister and PM Lee agree “not to scratch old wounds” over Khmer...

PM Hun Sen and PM Lee have since decided to bury the hatchet in favour of putting an end to what Cambodian foreign minister Prak Sokhonn has called “a nightmare in a bilateral relationship”

Cambodian volleyball federation president ‘ran death squads’ during late 90s, report claims

Neth Savoeun, president of Cambodia's volleyball federation and the national police commissioner, allegedly presided over extrajudicial killings during the centralisation of power under prime minister Hun Sen.

Bernard Krisher: American journalist who founded Cambodia’s first English-language daily

His paper became the standard-bearer for the country’s post-war aspirations.

John Pedler: Veteran of a golden era of British diplomacy and commissioner-general of Southeast...

A keen writer, his postings took him from Paris to Phnom Phen where he picked up experiences for a string of spy novels.

Woolly mammoth DNA found in illegal ivory samples seized in Cambodia

Surprising discovery part of a wider project to track elephant poaching.

Cambodia election: Spoilt ballot papers seen as protest as opponents condemn Hun Sen’s ‘sham’...

Almost 600,000 - or 8.4 per cent - of the votes cast were invalid or spoiled, according to figures from the National Election Committee

A Cambodian Spring review: remarkable story about a community trying to save itself from...

Director Chris Kelly took nine years to complete this remarkable film about land-rights protests and political skullduggery in Cambodia. The subject matter may seem of marginal interest for a western audience but the documentary works not just as investigative journalism but also as a universal story about a community trying to save itself from destruction.

‘Silent waterworld’: Cambodian village submerged by floodwater from Chinese-built dam

Farms, temple, ancestral graves and fishing grounds all destroyed as families forced to flee homes.