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Sen. Doug Ericksen should break his Cambodia deal or step down

On the heels of a narrow re-election last fall, state Sen. Doug Ericksen blew through a gauntlet of warnings in March to ink a $500,000-a-year consulting contract with the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Grifting with dictators? Fantasizing of holy war? Nothing is too low for politics these...

It’s pretty remarkable, or one would think it ought to be, that we currently have one elected official in this state who is a registered foreign agent for an authoritarian regime. And another who appears to be plotting with extremists for a homegrown, biblical civil war.

Cambodians who fled to Seattle ‘shocked’ as details emerge of state senator’s $500K deal...

In late March, before they revealed a $500,000 contract from the government of Cambodia, state Sen. Doug Ericksen and former state Rep. Jay Rodne traveled to Phnom Penh and met with Prime Minister Hun Sen at the country’s Peace Palace.

A Washington state senator praised the Cambodian government last year. Then it gave him...

A company created by state Sen. Doug Ericksen has landed a $500,000 lobbying contract from the Cambodian government he praised last year during a controversial visit as an election observer.

State Sen. Doug Ericksen out of order to approve of a sham foreign election

State Sen. Doug Ericksen should not be praising July's flawed elections in Cambodia, which the White House and others have condemned as undemocratic.

What in the world was Sen. Ericksen doing in Cambodia?

State Sen. Doug Ericksen projects a surprisingly rosy view of the recent election in Cambodia, which the U.S. government and many others have condemned as unfair and undemocratic. What’s his deal?

Questions raised over Washington state lawmakers’ visit to Cambodia to observe elections

The recent visit by a group of Republican Washington lawmakers to Cambodia has raised questions about whether they were used to legitimize the sham elections of an authoritarian government.