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Cambodia’s drug war has seen prisoner numbers skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic

In a teeming cell of Phnom Penh's women's prison, baby Tevy was injured — a fracture to her thighbone, allegedly inflicted by a female prisoner.

Senior Naval Officer Wanted Over Koh Rong Shooting Incident

The National Police said Friday they are on the lookout for Ream Naval Base deputy commander Has Sothea and two other men for their involvement in a shooting incident with a group of Chinese nationals at Koh Rong island earlier this month.

54 Cambodian migrants arrested in Sa Kaeo

Fifty-four Cambodian nationals were arrested at the Thai-Cambodian border in Sa Kaeo’s Ta Phraya district for allegedly entering the country illegally.

Flock of journalists nabbed over illegal cock fight

Thirteen journalists were among 27 people arrested for attending a cock fight in Phnom Penh on Sunday, with police saying that they did not believe the group was only there to gather information for news stories on the illegal activity.

‘Very Drunk’ Traffic Police Chief Fired, Not Fined

A police officer has been removed from his position as Kampong Thom traffic police chief after allegedly driving drunk and crashing his vehicle earlier this month, but has not been fined for the apparent traffic violation, a police official said on Monday.

Facebook games cause conundrum, raise concern

The Anti-Cybercrime Department and Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Interior has warned of legal action against Facebook users who allegedly distributed other users’ pictures with disparaging remarks through two games available on Facebook – Jumpy Jumpy and Lyto Different Color.

British teacher arrested for alleged sexual assault of two teens in Cambodia

The British national had been arrested following allegations from the girls' mother.

Cambodia charges British English teacher with child sexual abuse

A Cambodian court has charged a 37-year-old British English teacher with indecent assault after he sexually abused two teenage girls, an anti-pedophile organization said in a press statement on Friday (May 22).

Why Are We Not Talking About Cambodia’s Duterte-Inspired Drug War?

Overcrowding in Cambodia’s prisons has long been a problem. During a pandemic, it’s a ticking time bomb.

British teacher is arrested for ‘sexually assaulting’ two girls aged 13 and 17 in...

Matthew Watkin, 37, from Shrewsbury, was teaching English in Siem Reap.

Hackers conned Norwegian investment fund out of $10m through email scam

In a planned operation akin to a blockbuster film script, a group of fraudsters conned Norwegian state-owned investment fund Norfund out of $10 million (£8.1 million) by hacking into the company's email system and falsifying communications with a Cambodian institution.

Probe into baby’s death in Cambodia prison

Interior Ministry's General Department of Prisons is conducting investigations into the death of a five-month-old baby, who had been living with her mother at the Correctional Centre II (Prey Sar Prison).

Cambodia traffic cop suspended for drunk driving, insulting governor

A traffic police chief was suspended after he was caught for drunk driving, damaging public property and insulting a provincial governor.

Provincial Traffic Police Chief Suspended After Alleged Drunk Driving

The traffic police chief in Kampong Thom province has been suspended after allegedly driving drunk and crashing his vehicle into roadway barricades last week, police officials said.

Cambodia Announces Drive to Clear Cases in the Country’s Courts

Cambodia has launched a new campaign to reduce backlogs and pending cases in provincial and municipal courts as a first step in a reform of the country’s judicial system, Cambodia’s justice minister said on Monday.

Cambodia launches 6-month campaign to clear court case backlogs

Cambodia on Monday launched a six-month campaign to clear a backlog of nearly 40,000 court cases, of which about 75 percent involved drug crimes, Justice Minister Koeut Rith said.

Meth Is More Cheap, Pure and Widely Available in Cambodia, UN Reports

Methamphetamine, long one of the nation’s most abused drugs, has become more affordable, pure and available in Cambodia as organized crime groups move precursor chemicals across borders and flood the region with cheap synthetic drugs, according to a new U.N. report.

Cambodia: Anti-money laundering draft law approved

Cambodia’s anti-money laundering draft law was approved on May 15 at the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Investment Firm Hit by BEC Scam

Norway's Norfund Investigating Breach of Internal Network.

Norway’s state investment fund, Norfund, suffered a business email compromise (BEC) attack, hackers stole...

Hackers stole $10 million from Norway’s state investment fund, Norfund, in a business email compromise (BEC) attack.


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Cambodian unionist released from jail

Cambodian unionist Soy Sros was released on 28 May, after being detained without trial for nearly two months. She was jailed for a post on social media criticizing her employer, Superl Cambodia Ltd, for suspending union members, including a pregnant woman.