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About 80pc of Cambodia’s agricultural exports bought by Vietnam

Almost 80 per cent of Cambodia's agriculture exports worth US$5 billion last year were bought by Vietnam.

Hun Sen: No colour revolutions in our country

Prime Minister Hun Sen said he will not allow any colour revolutions on Cambodian territory and warned that anyone who violates the country's Constitution will be "crushed by the armed forces".

Legal identity sought for ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia

Vietnam hopes that thousands of Cambodia's ethnic Vietnamese will soon have legal identities as they are not registered citizens in either country.

Cambodia to store or destroy US-made weapons

Cambodia is reviewing whether it's military has any US-made weapons or equipment and will either store or destroy them.

Cambodia moves to ban monks from political protests

Cambodian authorities are looking at banning monks from participating in political protests and may even jail those who do so.

NST Leader: Cambodia’s way

ASEAN is just 54 years old, but cracks in the regional bloc are beginning to come into public view. The biggest of the fissures is caused by Cambodia, the last Southeast Asian country to embrace the regional bloc.

Cambodia calls for assistance from G7

Cambodia has urged the Group of Seven (G7) nations to provide the country with increased development assistance instead of criticising it for its close relationship with China.

Six Cambodian military officers arrested for arms smuggling

The Cambodian military has arrested six officers, including two generals, for arms smuggling in the country.

Cambodia bans monks from collecting alms in crowded public places

Cambodia has banned Buddhist monks from collecting alms or money in crowded public places and buildings, and those who continue to do so risk being defrocked.

Cambodia approves Indian-made Covaxin for temporary emergency use

Indian-made Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin has been approved by the ministry of health for temporary emergency use.

Cambodia reopens all sectors

Cambodia has reopened the country fully across all sectors from Monday as the nation moves towards its next phase of living with Covid-19.

Cambodia issues emergency use for Sputnik V vaccine

Cambodia has issued an Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for the Russian made Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19.

Cambodia lifts flight ban from Malaysia

Cambodia lifted its 15-month flight ban from Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia on Saturday as the country continues its roadmap towards living with Covid-19.

Cambodia reduces quarantine period for fully vaccinated

Cambodia has reduced its Covid-19 quarantine for fully vaccinated people entering the country from 14 days to between seven and just three days.

Cambodia looking to reopen economy after Pchum Ben religious festival

Cambodia may fully reopen its economy if the Covid-19 situation remains stable for at least 10 days after the nation celebrates the Pchum Ben religious festival.

Cambodia looks to reduce quarantine period for vaccinated investors

Cambodia is considering reducing the quarantine period for investors who have been fully vaccinated.

Gold mining venture in Cambodia starts seeing returns

Cambodia's gold mining venture has started seeing returns as the Okvau Gold Project in southwestern Mondulkiri province has produced more than half a tonne of gold ore as of last Thursday.

Cambodia urged to announce tourism sector reopening date soon

The Cambodian government has been urged to announce a reopening date soon for the tourism sector with high season nearing.

Delta variant infected more than 6,500 in Cambodia since March 31

As of Sept 23, Cambodia reported a total 6,503 infections from the Delta Variant of SARS CoV-2, compared to 5,751 infections as of Sept 19.

Chinese tourists may be first in Cambodia when tourism reopens

Chinese tourists may be the first foreign visitors to return Cambodia as the government prepares to reopen the tourism sector.