World’s heaviest freshwater fish, a 661-pound stingray, caught in Cambodia

A giant 661-pound stingray was caught in a remote fishing village on the shores of the Mekong River in Cambodia, making it the heaviest freshwater fish ever documented, researchers said Monday.

The 13-foot fish dethrones the former record-holder, a 646-pound catfish found in northern Thailand in 2005. It also renews hope that large freshwater fish — which as a group of animals are critically threatened — can thrive once again.

A fisherman caught the giant stingray on the evening of June 13, said Chea Seila, a member of a joint American-Cambodian research team known as the Wonders of the Mekong that is documenting freshwater fish. The fisherman then contacted her team the following morning, Seila said. The stingray was weighed, then released.

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