Environmental Activists in Cambodia Are Resorting to Disguises to Avoid Arrests

The group has gone to extraordinary lengths to try and protect their identities amid a crackdown.

Masks, puppets and altered voices—a group of Cambodian activists have resorted to a series of increasingly creative methods over the years to shield their identities in a country where exposing environmental abuses poses serious risks.

Mother Nature was founded in 2013 to help local communities highlight wrongdoing, from illegal logging to sand dredging and pollution. But its work has not gone down well with powerful businesses or the government. Its Spanish co-founder was deported and has been sentenced to jail time in absentia, while several of its members have been arrested, sentenced or are currently facing trial.

While rights groups say Prime Minister Hun Sen has long used force to deal with opponents, a broad crackdown that started in 2017 with the forced dissolution of the main opposition party has seen more than 100 critics, activists and journalists detained. Many are accused of incitement or related charges.

In full: https://www.vice.com/en/article/5db4vx/environmental-activists-cambodia-climate-change

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