‘Whole Communities Are Disappearing’: 10,000 Families Are Being Evicted From This UNESCO World Heritage Site

Residents at Angkor Wat have been forced by officials to "volunteer" to leave in the name of preserving Cambodia's most popular tourist attraction, an Amnesty International report found.

Cambodian authorities are forcing longtime residents living in Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex to resettlement sites where they face poor living conditions and lack of income, according to an Amnesty International report published on Friday.

The international rights group says that in the name of conserving the UNESCO World Heritage Site, locals are being pushed out, devastating their livelihoods and violating their rights.

“Whole communities are disappearing or breaking up. We watched one family dismantle parts of their own house and move to the main resettlement site, all in one day,” Ming Yu Hah, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Campaigns, told VICE World News.

In full: https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjvpeb/cambodia-forced-evictions-angkor-wat

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