New Research Directly Links Western Fashion Brands to Deforestation

A recently released report reveals the environmental destruction that fast fashion is wreaking in the developing world, and the Western brands responsible.

A drone hovers above, unnoticed by the workmen below, as a yellow excavator plunges its bucket into a large mound of wooden logs, black smoke spewing out its exhaust.

The footage pans out to show a vast expanse of timber piled high in a plot on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, serving as a mass graveyard for felled trees set to be transported to an adjacent factory.

Without context, it’s a bleak but unremarkable scene of developing world industry—one that usually wouldn’t earn a second glance. But the significance of the images, captured in July, aren’t lost on Laurie Parsons.

In full:

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