Phnom Penh Festival Celebrates Revival of Arts, Underscores Progress Following Cultural Decimation by the Khmer Rouge

Him Sophy comes from a family of classical musicians. The noted composer has Cambodian traditional music in his blood – his father played the roneat, a Cambodian xylophone, and his grandfather plucked at a three-string instrument called a tro-Khmer.

The famous composer is known for his fusion of Cambodian classical music with western, opera and rock music. It was these skills that helped create “Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia”, his latest work that “is a multi-disciplinary stage production combining music, film, movement and voice,” according to a description online.

Audiences will be able to witness the unique blending of Him Sophy’s compositions and the visuals of prominent filmmaker Rithy Panh. The performance attempts to serve as an inspiration for post-conflict societies by showcasing the rejuvenation of the arts.

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