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Cambodia’s Use of Incitement Law Chills Press Freedom

Cambodia’s use of incitement laws to jail journalists sends a threatening message to news outlets and could result in self-censorship, media experts say.

Luck, Culture Helped Cambodia Contain Coronavirus

Count Cambodia among the lucky countries when it comes to the coronavirus.

Cambodian Arrest Video Draws Comparisons to Police Excesses in George Floyd Case

A police arrest video from Phnom Penh, where an officer places his knee on the suspect’s neck, has drawn sharp criticism from some Cambodians, who are comparing it to the alleged murder of George Floyd by U.S. police officers.

Cambodian Fixer Appeals Conviction Linked to Controversial RT Documentary

The Supreme Court will deliver a verdict on July 15 in relation to an appeal filed by media translator Ratt Roth Mony, who has been convicted for his involvement in a Russian documentary about sex trafficking in Phnom Penh.

New Report Shows Garment Workers Eating Less, Selling Land to Repay Debt

Almost all the respondents to a garment worker survey said they were indebted and had to eat less food, take another loan, or sell their land to repay their debts, according to findings released by a local union and two rights groups.

NGO Report Shows Little Improvement in Handling of Land Evictions

Urban land rights NGO Sahmakum Teang Tnaut released a research document on Monday showing a slowdown in land evictions in the capital, but said there was little evidence the process was improving or following human rights standards.

Families of Former CNRP Members Ask the US to Aid in Their Release

The families of former activists and members of the disbanded opposition party, who have been jailed this year, petitioned the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh on Friday to intervene and aid in the release of their relatives.

Gov’t, USAID Criticized for Inaction Over Severe Forest Loss at Prey Lang Sanctuary

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen released an open letter Thursday reporting a 73 percent increase in deforestation in 2019 at the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary, compared to 2018, while criticizing the government’s ban on certain patrolling operations.

Gov’t Launches New Cash Transfer Scheme to Assist IDPoor Families During COVID-19

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday launched a new government project to spend $25 million a month to support IDPoor households affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Garment Manufacturers Want to Delay 2021 Minimum Wage Negotiations Due to COVID-19

The Garment Manufacturer Association in Cambodia requested the Ministry of Labor to delay the minimum wage determination process for 2021, which starts in July, on account of the “fragile and uncertain” nature of the sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three Weeks on, Cambodian Police Have no Leads on Missing Thai Pro-Democracy Activist

The Cambodian Police on Thursday said they have “no more new clues” as to the whereabouts of missing Thai activist Wanchalearm Satsaksit, who was abducted outside his apartment block, according to eyewitnesses.

Woman Involved in Alleged Luon Sovath Scandal Denies Posting Videos

A woman in Siem Reap, who is linked to a rape investigation into activist monk Luon Sovath, told VOA Khmer on Tuesday that an unknown person was impersonating her on Facebook and posting purportedly incriminating videos between the monk and four women.

A Year on, Workers Still Haunted by Sihanoukville Building Collapse

Construction workers, their families and civil society groups on Sunday commemorated the collapse of a building in the coastal city of Sihanoukville last June, with some workers refusing to resume work in the sector.

Cambodian Police Say Car in Thai Activist’s Abduction Had Fake Registration Plates

The Cambodian Police on Tuesday said a car allegedly involved in the abduction of a pro-democracy Thai activist was using fake vehicle registration plates, with a spokesperson saying the investigation had produced no leads so far.

Tourism Sector Apprehensive Over Pricey COVID-19 Charges for Foreign Tourists

Tourism sector insiders have expressed some hesitation at the government’s announcement to make foreign tourists pay $3,000 upfront, to compensate for any potential COVID-19 treatment costs, which could be a deterrent for incoming travelers.

Survey Backs Calls to End Illegal Wildlife Markets

Illegal wildlife markets could be consigned to the dustbins of history within five years amid a public outcry over their capacity to spread disease, and a widespread belief that the trade at least contributed to the coronavirus pandemic.

Battambang Resident Recollects the Lonely Experience of Recovering from COVID-19

Da Ee had a spiritual experience in Malaysia in late February when he attended the Tablighi Jamaat congregation at a mosque in Kuala Lumpur. The four-day religious meeting of the Islamic missionary movement was in an affable setting, leaving Da Ee little time to think about the recent viral outbreak.

A Pandemic and Gambling Ban Has Left Cambodia’s ‘New Shenzhen’ Unfinished

Chhin Eng remembered when Preah Sihanouk province’s Sihanoukville airport was nothing more than an airstrip. In 2005, when he first moved to the coastal town, there was little business activity and the Kang Keng airstrip had few flight arrivals or departures.

Police Execute Search Warrant Even As Activist Monk Denies Alleged Intimate Relationship

Siem Reap police said Wednesday they had searched and confiscated materials from the home of prominent activist monk and human rights defender Venerable Luon Savath, who has since denied being part of an alleged love scandal.

Out of Prison, Not Out of Court: With Cases Pending for Years, Activists Struggle...

Some five years ago, several protesters dragged an effigy, wrapped in a sheet splattered with fake blood to represent a corrupt government official across Poipet town. They wanted to voice opposition against their community’s eviction from their land to make space for a railway project.