Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Showing Cambodian Spirit, Rock ‘n’ Roll Perseveres, New U.S. Play Attracts Awards

“It’s a joyful, defiant celebration of Cambodian artists as they existed before the Khmer Rouge tried to destroy them,” Yee told VOA Khmer.

White Building Documentary Garners Global Awards, Praise for Young Cambodian Filmmaker

After premiering earlier this year, “Last Night I Saw You Smiling” picked up NETPAC Award for best Asian film in February at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It won the Special Jury Award for International Documentary Feature at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May.

Start of Latest Mekong Dam Draws Fears of River’s ‘Tipping Point’

Some 50 million people downstream rely for a living on river's waters, along with fish and sediment it washes their way; researchers and environmental advocates say dam could block both.

As Skylines Transform, Local Buyers Persist With Familiar Housing Options

Real estate firm CBRE reports that nearly 17,000 condominiums will be added to Phnom Penh’s burgeoning housing stock just this year.

Playwright Nurtures Spoken Theater to Its Social Role

Sopheak Soung is among the few Cambodian playwrights who are working to keep one of Cambodia’s oldest art forms, “Lakhorn Niyeay,” alive.

Cambodia’s Debt Trap: Taking Out New Loans to Pay Back Old Loans

A new report suggests microfinance may no longer be working in Cambodia, where the industry holds at least $8 billion in outstanding debt and the average debt is about three times the 2017 GDP per capita.

Cambodian Masked Dance Comes to DC

The near extinct masked dance of Lakhon Khol was on display recently, thousands of miles away from its birthplace in Cambodia. A group of devoted amateurs brought the ancient dance to the Washington metropolitan. VOA Khmer's Chetra Chap reports.

Hun Sen Vows to Arrest Sam Rainsy if He Returns, or Step Down As...

Hun Sen in response said local authorities would arrest Sam Rainsy if he was “brave” enough to enter the country, regardless of how many people met him at the airport.

Q&A: Legal Expert Nicholas Koumjian Talks Career at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, Accomplishments and...

The United Nations and Cambodia’s courts established the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts in Cambodia (ECCC) in 2003, more than four decades after Vietnam occupied Cambodia and quashed the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Likens Alleged U.S. Interference in Hong Kong to ‘Color Revolutions’

The Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh on Friday accused the United States of interfering and, in certain cases, abetting the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, likening the alleged meddling to Cambodian complaints of U.S. interference in domestic affairs.

Cambodia Steers Clear of Potential US Missile Deployment In Asia

Tea Banh, who is also deputy prime minister, said it was for the U.S. and its allies to agree on the issue, and did not want to impinge on their sovereignty or rights.

Amid Souring Relations, US Appoints Experienced Asia Diplomat to Cambodia

Murphy will face a government that has pivoted towards China, which has invested billions of dollars and provided geopolitical cover for Cambodia’s poor human rights record.

Nuon Chea’s Family Remembers “Pleasant” Father, “Man Of Secrets”

"He never told me anything about his state of affairs at work," she said. "He always had his secret business to attend to and never told me anything."

The Man Behind Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge ‘Died Easier Than the People He Killed’

Cambodians found little comfort in the death of Nuon Chea, believed to be the mastermind behind the Khmer Rouge regime that killed 1.7 million of their countrymen between 1975-1979

Young Cambodian Dropout Finds Success in Arts

Sievphin Chong, 24, chose an unconventional career path for a Cambodian. After growing up in the remote northeastern provinces of Steung Treng and Ratanakiri, Sievphin moved to Phnom Penh to study design at university.

Land Returns After Complaint to World Bank Offer Hope to Indigenous Villagers

Indigenous villagers in Cambodia hope to regain their livelihoods after they successfully pressured the World Bank over its financial ties to a land-grabbing company.

For Some Villagers, Cambodia’s New Census Numbers Won’t Add Up

They say people working on the count were rushed, skipped questions, ignored issues. Enumerators say not enough of them hired to question villagers who weren’t prepared.

Cambodia’s Adoption of Huawei’s 5G Brings Risk to Freedom of Speech, Critics Warn

Rights activists warn the Chinese firm’s quick rollout of 5G could further expand the Cambodian ruling party’s repression of public dissent and strengthen Chinese influence.

Pompeo ‘Regrets’ Lack of Talks With North Korea (Cambodia mentioned)

The secretary of state, in Thailand for the ASEAN summit, says he's 'optimistic' the discussion will resume 'before too long'.

Hun Sen: Sanctions Would “Impact US-Cambodia Ties”

Lawmakers hope the Senate would pass and send the bill to President Donald Trump to sign later this year.