Hun Sen not that good at ensuring security

The Cambodian leader looks out and sees traitors and color revolutionists everywhere.

Imagine the household. Your protective father warns every day that there are murderers and thieves at the gates, the sort of people who want to do your family serious harm. Your community used to be dangerous, for sure, but that was decades ago. Yet your father continues to erect vast fences and closed-circuit TV cameras.

He says it’s not safe for you to leave the house for too long, certainly not at night. You want to go and see friends; you want to be allowed to roam, to enjoy some time by yourself. But each day, he says, he has caught one of those criminals and fought them off, yet they keep on coming. No amount of force seems to be able to deter them.

And now you’re 30 years old and still, your father says it’s not safe for you to leave home, that you must praise his vigilance even if that means you’re still sleeping in your childhood bed, denied a partner and an adult life.

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