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Strongman Hun Sen showing signs of weakness

Long-time Cambodian leader is reverting to his bad old threatening ways amid mounting political, economic and diplomatic crises.

Seven ideas for microfinance reform in Cambodia

Debtors were struggling even before the pandemic-induced economic crisis.

Cambodia playing US to squeeze more from China

US indicates new willingness to pay for Cambodia's influence but China is already supremely invested.

Cambodia signs trade pact as China bonds strengthen

Beijing has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in Cambodia but locals see appropriation of local assets.

Bridging the chasm in Cambodia-Vietnam trust

Person-to-person contact could help overcome hostility based on wars and a sense of ingratitude for sacrifice.

Cambodia opens the way for Chinese naval presence

Cambodia demolishes US-built facility at Ream Naval Base in line with a reported 30-year exclusive lease deal with China.

Hun Sen uses Covid-19 to mask EU sanction hit

When the European Union withdrew part of Cambodia’s trade privileges, the punitive move aimed to cajole Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government to restore democratic politics and improve human rights.

What’s next for Cambodia after EBA withdrawal?

The EU's partial withdrawal of trade privileges may reflect a double standard, but Phnom Penh needs to get serious with reforms.

Women would be victims of Cambodia’s modesty law

Planned changes would apply to clothing that is too short or revealing but critics say it would erode freedom.

China, Cambodia trade pact more form than substance

Bilateral FTA to be symbolically signed same day EU punitively imposes tariffs but the deal will do little to save Cambodian industry.

Cambodia’s banks showing Covid cracks

Central bank and finance executives downplay pandemic risks but credit defaults are clearly rising.

Machinations of political succession in Cambodia

One way or another, Hun Sen will strive for the permanence of his party's rule.

Cambodia’s dynastic succession coming into view

PM Hun Sen's handover to son Hun Manet is a near shoo-in as US and China jockey to win the heir apparent's favor .

Cambodia-EU: The debate on ‘trade-not-aid’

While Cambodia struggles to cope with Covid-19, EU policies are hurting the very people whose 'rights' it wants to protect

On negative journalism

It would be nice if journalists didn’t have to focus on the negatives so often, but it is more important to inform than to feel good.

Who actually funds the Cambodian military?

Hun Sen brags that military vehicles from China cost taxpayers nothing, but that raises troubling questions about the funds' sources .

Action needed now to reduce Phnom Penh’s floods

Climate change, rapid development and poor planning have all contributed to the flooding problem.

Pandemic math not adding up in Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen slashes national budget by 50% at a time the nation desperately needs Covid-19 relief spending.

‘Cakeism’ in Cambodia

Giving a talk at a conference in Prague in early March, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still spoken of in “it-won’t-happen-here” tones in Europe, I was asked by the moderator to give my word of the year.

Cambodia poised to be big Covid-19 loser

Cambodia, despite reporting fewer coronavirus cases than most of its neighbors, could be among the region’s biggest Covid-19 losers due to economic...