Meet the Chef Reviving Royal Cambodian Recipes

Inspired by a trailblazing princess, Chef Nak’s cookbook is a celebration of Khmer history.

Meet the Cambodian Cowboy, a Texas Barbecue Pitmaster in Long Beach

Pitmaster Chad Phuong is cooking up some of the most inventive weekly barbecue in Southern California, merging heartland American meats with not-so-subtle Cambodian influence.

What’s the Best Pepper to Use in Pasta? Chefs Say It’s This One

Kampot peppercorns give an added layer of citrus and fruity flavors.

Cambodian Americans Are Ready to Share Their Cuisine, On Their Terms

A new wave of Cambodian-American chefs are sharing the cuisine's bright, umami-rich flavors in pop ups and restaurants throughout the country.

A Chef’s Quest to Preserve Cambodia’s Lost Flavors

Part historical record, part how-to for cooks, Rotanak Ros’s “Nhum” pieces together recipes from a time before the country’s genocide.

In Cambodia, pepper is on a pedestal

In northern Cambodia, even the names exude an ancient romanticism. Angkor Wat. Phnom Bakheng. Phimeanakas. Meandering miles of movie-perfect temples. Join the masses at dawn and stumble through, awed by the stone intricacies of lost centuries.

A Garden Grows in Cambodia

This is a small peek into the true nature of Peace Corps work; development is not a beautiful linear graph of steady improvement.

9 best restaurants in Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a paradise for foodies, especially the Boeung Keng Kang 1 area, with many restaurants serving dishes from all over the world.

Secretive Creator of ‘Kitchen Story’ Delivers Delicious Recipes Online

Every week, the Kitchen Story Facebook page posts a single instructional food video. A pair of hands and a calm voice speaking Khmer guide you through the ingredients needed for the recipe and steps to make it.

Hibachi Chef Now Spends Days Cooking for Kids Affected by School Closures in Alabama

A private hibachi chef is winning hearts online for his selfless act of cooking for children who are affected by the school closures during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cambodia’s Prized Kampot Pepper, Nearly Wiped Out By Khmer Rouge, Makes A Comeback

Pepper is believed to originate from southern India. But some chefs, including the late Anthony Bourdain and the Michelin-starred French chef Olivier Roellinger, have been drawn to pepper produced in Cambodia, specifically in the province of Kampot.

Angkor Wat: A Cambodian take on ‘Japanese professionalism’

A gigantic elephant statue guards the entrance to Angkor Wat, a Cambodian restaurant hidden near Tokyo’s Yoyogi Station.

Sky-High Style At Cambodia’s Leading Hotel

Rising powerfully above the bustle of the Cambodian capital, the Vattanac Capital Tower is, at 39 storeys and 188m high, the tallest building in the country.

Cambodia celebrates Sea Festival in southwestern Kampot province

Cambodia held its eighth annual Sea Festival in southwestern Cambodia's Kampot province on Saturday, attracting hundreds of thousands of festival-goers.

Saving Cambodian Cooking from Extinction (video)

Cambodian cuisine, often overshadowed by its similar Thai and Vietnamese counterparts, is relatively unknown to the world in part because of its violent history. But a Cambodian chef is working to change that. VOA's Chetra Chap reports.

30 Cambodian foods every visitor needs to try

Cambodian cuisine has a long history and a diverse range of influences, yet it's only now becoming known beyond the country's borders.

Self-Taught Chef Turned Cambodian Cuisine Ambassador (video)

Ratanak Ros, or Chef Nak, dedicates her life to preserving and promoting Cambodian cuisine.

Cambodia ‘bug cafe’ serves up insect tapas, ant spring rolls, ‘bug mac’

Siem Reap's first insect tapas restaurant mixes cocktail culture with creepy crawler fare, serving up silkworm taro croquettes, a burger made of bugs, and a cricket cheesecake.

Cambodia on a bun

Hermosa’s Ethan Lim looks around the globe and asks “will it sandwich?”

5 must-visit restaurants on your next trip to Phnom Penh

Travellers flock to Siem Reap in Cambodia every year for a glimpse a the magnificent Angkor Wat. But true foodies know that one of the country’s best destinations for delicious local fare is, in fact, the capital of Phnom Penh.