Prey Veng Residents Still Keen on News Broadcasts, Albeit Discreetly

In the first story of this three-part series, VOA Khmer reporters travelled to southeastern Cambodia to visit a village in Prey Veng province, where rural Cambodians are dealing with an unusual predicament – stay away from the news and remain safe or listen to critical news broadcasts and risk being labelled an opposition supporter.

Yort Kean has a fine-tuned appetite for the news. The rice farmer is constantly on the lookout for snippets of news or is listening in on hushed discussions about the current political situation in Cambodia. But his want for independent news coverage is far from satiated.

In Prey Veng province’s Sithor Kandal district, like in many parts of the country, villagers are careful with their news consumption habits. Listening to news broadcasts considered incendiary by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) can make life difficult in the small village of Char, villagers say.

For the self-professed radio news junkie, a small coffee shop in the village provides some refuge. Here he can chat with friendly villagers about political news, although always on the lookout for neighbors affiliated with the ruling party.

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