UNESCO Has Failed to Prevent Forced Evictions at Angkor Wat

The rights group Amnesty International claims that thousands of families have been evicted from the world-famous temples over the past year.

A recent report by Amnesty International, detailing the forced evictions of up to 10,000 families at the Angkor temples in Cambodia, shows that the country’s post-Khmer Rouge tradition of land grabs at the expense of the poor is alive and well.

According to the report, which was published last month, Cambodian authorities in the second half of 2022 began evicting large numbers of people from Angkor, ostensibly to protect the location’s UNESCO World Heritage status. Many of these people have lived in the Angkor area for generations.

The authorities characterize the evictions as “voluntary,” but Amnesty interviewed over 100 evictees who say they were given small empty plots of land at a relocation site and told to build their own homes with sheets of corrugated iron.

In full: https://thediplomat.com/2023/12/unesco-has-failed-to-prevent-forced-evictions-at-angkor-wat/

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