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Here’s the hefty Covid-19 bill Cambodia is asking tourists to pay

If you are planning to travel to Cambodia, there's something you need to know.

International travel in the age of COVID-19: Cambodia leads the world with user pays...

The tiny southeast Asean country of Cambodia is providing the first glimpse of what the ‘new normal’ for international travel in the age of COVID-19 is likely to look like, particularly for those wishing to enter countries least able to afford the cost of treating a never ending stream of imported cases amongst non-citizens.

Suspected tainted wine kills 4, sickens 10 in Cambodia

Four people have died and 10 others are hospitalized in Cambodia after drinking rice wine that police believe was adulterated with a toxic substance

Cambodia requires foreigners to pay for COVID-19 test, quarantine, treatment services

Cambodia has required foreigners to pay for COVID-19 lab test, quarantine and treatment services, Economy and Finance Minister Aun Pornmoniroth said in a letter dated Monday and released to the media on Tuesday.

Teenager returning from Cambodia adds to Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally

An 18-year-old Vietnamese youth returning from Cambodia is the nation’s latest Covid-19 patient, the Health Ministry confirmed Monday evening.

French Cambodian is latest confirmed Covid-19 case in country

Cambodia's Ministry of Health (MoH) announced on Sunday (June 7) that one more person was tested positive for Covid-19 (coronavirus), bringing the total number of the confirmed cases in the kingdom to 126.

ILO’s Better Factories Cambodia launches “Covid-19: Worker Safety” hotline

The International Labour Organization (ILO)'s Better Factories Cambodia has launched a mobile phone hotline to provide information to workers in the garment and footwear, travel goods and bag sectors about preventing the spread of Covid-19, its press statement said on Sunday (March 7).

Coronavirus is crushing Cambodia’s dreams of oil wealth

It is almost as if COVID-19 were specially designed to wreck Cambodia's 2020.

How Cambodia’s floating hospitals are saving the lives of its poorest communities

The Lake Clinic takes medical care offshore to 10,000 of those who make a meagre living on Tonlé Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

Number of Covid-19 Cases May Be Higher Than Recorded, Pasteur Institute Says

A doctor at the Pasteur Institute’s Virology Unit said on June 4 that the number of Covid-19 cases in Cambodia could be over 125 patients due to difficulties in carrying out comprehensive testing, and called on the Ministry of Health to join in new research on the virus.

Cambodia destroys more than 130 tons of counterfeit drugs, products

Cambodia on Thursday destroyed more than 130 tons of counterfeit medicines and products that it had seized last year and early this year, a senior official said.

The road to healthier communities: Rethinking rural accessibility amid a health crisis

When compared to densely populated areas, rural communities are more vulnerable to major health crises, facing personnel and medicine shortages, insufficient hospital bed capacity, and substandard medical equipment.

China provides more medical supplies to Cambodia for COVID-19 fight

China has donated another batch of medical supplies to aid Cambodia's fight against the COVID-19.

Govt wants Cambodian migrant workers to stay in Thailand

The Thai government wants Cambodian migrant workers to stay in Thailand rather than return to their homeland during the Covid-19 crisis.

Thailand allows migrant workers to work in Thailand until July 31

The Thai Cabinet has decided to allow migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to work in Thailand until July 31, 2020, to help reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus disease 2019, and to maintain a workforce as the situation gradually improves.

Cambodia avoids coronavirus carnage, but faces economic disaster

World Bank forecasts pandemic could sink nation into 1st contraction since 1994.

Blood Bank Supply Declines As Donations Dry Up Due to COVID-19

Cambodia is facing a shortage in its blood banks according to an official at the National Blood Transfusion Center, as donations have decreased because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus wreaks havoc on Cambodia’s tourism industry (video)

With foreign tourists not visiting Cambodia, an increasing number of people find it difficult to make ends meet. Experts say the tourism industry will take years to revive. Ate Hoekstra reports from Siem Reap.

Four more Cambodian peacekeepers get Covid-19 in Mali

Four more Cambodian Blue Helmet peacekeepers in Mali have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, bringing the number of infected Cambodian UN peacekeepers to 10.

What lies behind Cambodia’s surprise coronavirus success?

Government's strong hand and international aid have led to zero deaths from COVID-19.


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A Cambodian community’s struggle to survive virus economic fallout

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Cambodia’s urban-poor communities have suffered severe economic shocks and fallen further into poverty. Without a secure social security safety net to fall back on, many are now relying on NGOs to keep them afloat.