Over-Indebtedness and Healthcare Financing in Cambodia

Despite the country’s social healthcare provisions, medical debts remain a leading cause of destitution.

Cambodia’s social health protection system, which is made up of two primary mechanisms, the National Social Security Fund and the Health Equity Fund (HEF), currently only provides coverage for certain categories of people: civil servants, formal employees, the poorest of the poor, and some special populations. Significant coverage gaps remain, including for some of Cambodia’s most at-risk citizens.

According to research from April 2020, over 53 percent of Cambodia’s population lacks access to these two mechanisms, and 16 percent currently legally entitled to coverage by one of these mechanisms are not enrolled in them.

That same research also estimates that nearly 5 million out of the roughly 8.7 million Cambodians who do not yet have access to either social health protection mechanism can be considered “financially vulnerable.” These vulnerable people, who lack coverage, make up 30.6 percent of the population and remain near-poor, and have the potential to fall back into poverty when faced with shocks, economic or otherwise.

In full: https://thediplomat.com/2022/11/over-indebtedness-and-healthcare-financing-in-cambodia/

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