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Once upon a river – Cambodia’s Mekong crisis (video)

New hydropower dams on the Mekong River are leaving fishing and farming communities high and dry.

Rice-growing scheme to help boost crane’s population in Cambodia

Rice is a staple for many in Asia - not just people, but wildlife too.

Newly released Cambodian activists honored among Front Line Defenders awardees

In early November, six young activists associated with environmental advocacy group Mother Nature Cambodia were released from prison after spending up to 14 months behind bars.

New dams on 3S rivers endanger survival of the Mekong

Plans to further dam the Sesan, Srepok and Sekong tributaries of the Mekong River risk food security and already endangered wildlife.

Another poor wet season endangers Cambodia’s biggest lake and its people

Climate change, unsustainable and illegal fishing and the proliferation of hydropower dams on rivers that feed Tonle Sap threaten the livelihoods of over one million Cambodians.

Cambodian rights group among winners of international award

Rights group from Cambodia are among award winners from Palestine, Sierra Leone, Belarus, Portugal and Brazil.

Farmers tempt endangered cranes back – by growing their favourite food

In Cambodia’s fertile Mekong delta, rice farmers are switching to the varieties loved by the world’s tallest flying bird to help stop its decline.

Cambodia targets Mother Nature group in latest crackdown on dissent

The NGO's efforts to highlight environmental issues in the country have come to the attention of authorities. While six members were released from jail last week, they still face charges and official harassment.

Will Cambodia Commit to Protecting Its Forests?

Over the past two decades, Cambodia has lost 28 percent of its tree cover. Inaction will mean further losses.

Cambodia minister vows no new coal plants beyond those approved

Critics say announcement marks little change from current trajectory.

Opinion: Cambodia can secure reliable electricity without new coal

China’s new stance against supporting coal abroad can move Cambodia towards a clean energy future, writes Bridget McIntosh of EnergyLab Cambodia.

New Research Directly Links Western Fashion Brands to Deforestation

A recently released report reveals the environmental destruction that fast fashion is wreaking in the developing world, and the Western brands responsible.

The great Koh Kong land rush: Areas stripped of protection by Cambodian gov’t being...

Politicians and companies have been snapping up the newly degazetted land, among them a firm suspected of being a front for pulpwood giant APP. Among those said to be profiting from the land grab is Ly Yong Phat, dubbed “The King of Koh Kong,” a politician and businessman with a long history of quashing the rights of those who occupy land he desires.

Cambodia counts the cost of its push to expand coal-fired power

Soaring coal prices and opposition from foreign business stoke doubts over plan.

Researchers delighted by discovery of endangered Siamese crocodiles in Cambodia

Researchers have discovered eight hatchlings of the endangered Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) in the wilds of Cambodia.

Snapshot of hatchlings raises hopes for Siamese crocs in northeast Cambodia

Researchers have found and photographed eight Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) hatchlings in northeastern Cambodia — the first confirmed evidence that the critically endangered species is breeding in this area.

Climate change, Mekong dams threaten world’s biggest inland fishery

One of the world's richest inland fishing grounds, Tonle Sap lake nourishes tens of millions of people. But climate change and dam construction are threatening livelihoods at the lake, as well as regional food security.

WEB EXTRA: Rare Endangered Crocodile Hatchlings Found in Cambodia

Researchers in Cambodia found hatchlings of one of the world’s rarest reptiles.

Hatchlings of endangered crocodile species found in Cambodia

Eight hatchlings from one of the world’s rarest crocodile species have been found in a wildlife sanctuary in eastern Cambodia, raising hopes for its continuing survival in the wild.

Dam Battles Converge on Cambodia’s 3S Rivers

The rivers are an ecological bounty in the Mekong watershed. But technical reviews pay little attention to environmental costs of dam building.


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