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Critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and the world’s most productive freshwater fishery saved from destructive...

Lower Mekong river to remain free flowing as Sambor dam plans abandoned.

Goldman Prize-winning Cambodian activist arrested, released in Cambodia

Leading Cambodian forest defender Ouch Leng and three others were arrested in mid-March and questioned after a South Korean company they accuse of illegal logging filed a complaint with the police.

Why smart systems need local heroes

When you think about measuring climate change or forecasting the next big flood or drought, one might assume high-tech equipment being part of the process.

Cambodia: no new hydropower dams along Mekong River in next 10 years

The Cambodian Ministry of Mines and Energy affirmed on March 19 that the country’s newly-approved Master Plan for 2020-2030 will not include the construction of new hydropower dams along the Mekong River.

How mangroves, mud and music are helping to conserve Cambodia’s coastline

Shoes were abandoned on the sideline as people waded into the mud and shallows – the mission was much more important than worrying about dirty feet.

Cambodia scraps plans for Mekong hydropower dams

Campaigners welcome decision which allays fears for fragile biodiversity and communities dependent on river for livelihood.

Cambodia halts Mekong River dam plans ‘for 10 years’

Electricity-starved Cambodia will not develop new hydropower dams on the Mekong River for the next 10 years, a senior energy official said on Wednesday, as it reviews its policy to seek energy from coal, natural gas and solar.

Community champions protecting Cambodia’s Siamese crocodiles

Once widespread across Southeast Asia, there are now around 250 adult Siamese crocodiles surviving in the wild in Cambodia and the species is critically endangered.

Forestry activists investigating Think Biotech released by Kratie court

The Kratie Provincial Court on Monday released four forestry activists — including internationally recognized environmentalist Ouch Leng — who were arrested on Friday for trespassing a company’s property.

Anti-Logging Activists Released With Warning From Kratie Court

Four anti-logging activists were let go on Monday after being questioned by a provincial court prosecutor and labeled as suspects by local authorities, following their detention by a timber company with a land concession next to Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Four Environmentalists Released By Court; Temporarily Barred From Investigating Deforestation

Four activists, including noted environmentalist Ouch Leng, were released by the Kratie Provincial Court Monday afternoon, after being detained last week as they investigated illegal logging operations in the Prey Land protected forest.

Cambodian Official: No New Dams Planned for Mekong Mainstream Before 2030

Villagers and fishing communities along the Mekong River long have been in the dark over whether proposed dams would proceed as planned.

Understanding experiences of Cambodian women through the ‘Women’s Resilience Index’

As the floodwaters rise around the base of their houses, grandmothers in rural Cambodia are often forced to remain inside looking after their grandchildren.

Ouch Leng And Three Environmental Activists Detained In Kratie, Being Questioned By Court

Noted environmentalist Ouch Leng and three activists were arrested and detained in Kratie province on Friday, with the court continuing to question the four over possible charges relating to “breaking and entering a dwelling.”

Smaller fragments of forest at risk of greater levels of deforestation, study finds

Tropical forest areas made smaller by land use and roads lost more than 11% tree cover every year over an 18-year period.

Why sustainable tourism should mean more than ditching single-use plastic bottles

For savvy travellers, Song Saa Private Island is a by-word for sustainable eco-tourism. Co-founder Melita Hunter shares how the luxury travel industry can step up and lead the way for a more globally eco-conscious way to travel.

Building a Nested System to Protect Remaining Forests

While many in the REDD+ community argue over whether project or national scale crediting is better, Cambodia is creating a system to enable both—recognizing that reversing deforestation requires both national policies and local actions.

Largest number of baby Siamese crocodiles spotted by conservationists in Cambodia

Ten baby Siamese crocodiles have been seen in the wild, a breakthrough for this species that was once thought to be extinct in the wild.

Fighting the green fight

Across Southeast Asia, there are environmental activists risking their freedom and facing violence as they fight the green fight. Here we profile four of these unsung individuals campaigning in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Families Living in Tents After Riverbank Collapse Destroyed Homes

Kandal province residents whose homes fell into the Bassac river said Thursday that they’re sleeping in plastic tents while they wait for the government to respond to their concerns over the collapsing riverbank and nearby sand dredging.


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National Assembly approves gov’t cabinet reshuffle

The National Assembly approved Prime Minister Hun Sen’s cabinet reshuffle on Monday, replacing four ministers who were in turn appointed as “senior ministers” without portfolio.