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Climate change, Mekong dams threaten world’s biggest inland fishery

One of the world's richest inland fishing grounds, Tonle Sap lake nourishes tens of millions of people. But climate change and dam construction are threatening livelihoods at the lake, as well as regional food security.

WEB EXTRA: Rare Endangered Crocodile Hatchlings Found in Cambodia

Researchers in Cambodia found hatchlings of one of the world’s rarest reptiles.

Hatchlings of endangered crocodile species found in Cambodia

Eight hatchlings from one of the world’s rarest crocodile species have been found in a wildlife sanctuary in eastern Cambodia, raising hopes for its continuing survival in the wild.

Dam Battles Converge on Cambodia’s 3S Rivers

The rivers are an ecological bounty in the Mekong watershed. But technical reviews pay little attention to environmental costs of dam building.

Should tree plantations count toward reforestation goals? It’s complicated

Globally, tree-planting projects are becoming all the rage, but many are counting on old habits of planting monoculture plantations and calling them forests.

Cambodia faces flash floods due to impacts of depressions, southwest monsoon

Cambodia could face flash flooding in the capital Phnom Penh and several other provinces from Sept. 8 to 14, said a statement from the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology on Tuesday.

Asean formalises Mekong involvement with water security dialogue, as China’s dams come under scrutiny

The inaugural meeting between the bloc and the Mekong River Commission has been hailed as a means of boosting protection of the vital waterway. Asean has not previously discussed issues relating to the river at the regional level, but its fluctuating water levels have put upstream Chinese dams in the spotlight.

Cambodian dam a ‘disaster’ for local communities, rights group says

Rights activists allege that a Chinese-financed hydroelectric project in northeastern Cambodia has been a human rights “disaster” after it displaced nearly 5,000 Indigenous and ethnic minority people.

Environmental Activists in Cambodia Are Resorting to Disguises to Avoid Arrests

The group has gone to extraordinary lengths to try and protect their identities amid a crackdown.

Chinese-backed Cambodia dam devastated livelihoods of villagers, rights group says

Experts had warned that damming the confluence of the Sesan and Srepok rivers would threaten fish stocks crucial to millions living along the Mekong’s flood plains.

Dam in Cambodia a ‘Disaster’ for Local Communities: Rights Group

The Chinese-financed Lower Sesan 2 dam has had a range of deleterious consequences – just what activists were warning a decade ago.

China’s Belt and Road dam in Cambodia ruined livelihoods: report

HRW slams Lower Sesan 2 hydroproject that caused 'massive ecological harm'

Building back better

Huge efforts are being ploughed into developing Cambodia’s eco-offerings to lure visitors once borders open.

USAID redirects funding in Cambodia as future of Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary hangs in...

Satellite data show Prey Lang has lost nearly 9% of its forest cover over the past five years, and researchers and activists say its remaining forest is being eyed by logging companies.

Is Cambodia’s thirst for sand putting communities and the Mekong at risk?

The Cambodian government is embarking on a number of ambitious development projects, which critics say come at the expense of the environment and people’s livelihoods.

Rare vulture population in Cambodia declines further: latest census

Critically endangered vultures in Cambodia remained on the edge of extinction as the population of the species continued to decline, a conservationist said on Tuesday.

Endangered Species Are Paying the Price of COVID-19

Diminishing tourism has created new incentives for the illegal wildlife trade.

What are the impacts of dams on the Mekong river?

The Mekong river feeds jungles, irrigates crops for tens of millions of people, and supports the Tonle Sap lake – the most productive inland fishery on the planet.

Mekong River Commission Calls for Improved Hydropower Data Sharing

The past two years have seen water levels on the lower Mekong rise and full unpredictably.

Carving up the Cardamoms: Conservationists fear massive land grab in Cambodia

Conservationists have expressed concern over a recently published regulation that makes nearly 127,000 hectares (313,800 acres) of previously protected land potentially available for sale or rent to politically connected businesses.


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Snapshot of hatchlings raises hopes for Siamese crocs in northeast Cambodia

Researchers have found and photographed eight Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) hatchlings in northeastern Cambodia — the first confirmed evidence that the critically endangered species is breeding in this area.