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Tech titan surrenders Cambodian relics sold by indicted dealer amid broader repatriation push

Netscape co-founder Jim Clark paid millions for antiquities bought from alleged trafficker Douglas Latchford, whose secret offshore dealings were exposed in the Pandora Papers.

Denver museum to return looted relics to Cambodia after US moves to seize them

The repatriation of the ancient statues comes weeks after Pandora Papers reporting identified dozens of Khmer antiquities linked to an accused trafficker in the collections of major art institutions.

After Pandora Papers, Met officials contacted U.S. attorneys about relics Cambodia says were stolen

The museum met with federal prosecutors in New York after the investigation detailed links between antiquities it holds and an indicted art dealer.

How we tracked ancient Cambodian antiquities to leading museums and private galleries

Relics linked to accused looter Douglas Latchford are displayed in private homes and public institutions all over the world. Here’s how reporters found them, and what museums said when we asked how they were acquired.

From temples to offshore trusts, a hunt for Cambodia’s looted heritage leads to top...

U.S. investigators say Douglas Latchford trafficked ancient treasures for decades. Dozens of relics tied to the accused smuggler remain in the Met and other prominent institutions.