Monday, May 17, 2021
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The Trouble with Cambodia’s Affordable Housing Plan

The effort is neither affordable nor well-planned.

Anti-Chinese Sentiment on the Rise in Cambodia

Increasing Chinese political influence and presence in Cambodia has sparked anti-Chinese sentiment.

What’s in the First Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Trilateral Border Exchange?

A closer look at the significance of an upcoming development.

Cambodia’s Coming AI Revolution

October 20 saw the launch of KOOMPI, a Cambodian “home-grown” laptop, at BarCamp ASEAN 2018, the annual regional expo for tech start-ups.

Why Cambodia’s Poverty Statistics Dispute Matters

A recent dispute has shed light on deeper issues in how poverty is assessed in the Southeast Asian state.

Cambodia’s Domestic Politics in the Spotlight at the United Nations

With protests planned in New York, the Southeast Asian state’s politics is set to be on display this weekend.

The Folly of US Intervention in Cambodia

What lessons from the Cold War should Washington heed?

What’s Behind the Release of Cambodia’s Opposition Leader?

The freeing of Kem Sokha has raised bigger questions about power and the way it is exercised in Cambodia.

A New Cambodia-Laos Border Deal?

A closer look at the opportunities and challenges presented by an agreement recently reached by the two sides.

The Lingering Effects of the Cambodian Genocide on Education

Decimated by genocide, Cambodia’s educational progress so far is surely commendable.

What the Ricketson Case Says About Justice in Cambodia

A closer look at the outcome of a much-anticipated verdict.

Finding a Way Forward for Cambodia After Sham Elections

What the international community can do to influence change in Cambodia.

A New Era for Hun Sen’s Cambodia?

The election outcome all but completes the country’s transition to a one-party state.

Cambodia’s Elections Highlight Growing Marginalization

Neopatrimonialism remains the predominant influence on Cambodia’s political trajectory.

Cambodia’s Election: Mind the Numbers

A closer look at some of the early figures coming out of the poll results and their significance.

A Requiem for Cambodian Elections

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen scored a resounding electoral victory, who is really to blame for such an outlandish result?

What’s Next for Cambodia After its 2018 Elections?

A closer look at what is at stake for the country’s domestic and foreign policy following its general election.

Cheering Cambodia’s Strongman

International observers and rights groups may not be convinced that tomorrow’s elections in Cambodia are free or fair after the country’s main opposition party was forcibly dissolved last year, but that has not stopped strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen from trying to get out the vote.

Why Are Washington State Legislators Covering for Cambodia’s Sham Elections?

Why are state legislators from Washington state in the United States cozying up to the Cambodian regime?

Doing More Harm Than Good: International Election Aid to Cambodia

International election aid to Cambodia will only lend legitimacy to a sham vote.