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Opinion: Cambodia can secure reliable electricity without new coal

China’s new stance against supporting coal abroad can move Cambodia towards a clean energy future, writes Bridget McIntosh of EnergyLab Cambodia.

Coal-powered developments threaten Cambodia’s largest national park

Within a protected area covered by a patchwork of plantations, Cambodian officials are making space for yet another industrial zone, and a new coal-fired power plant

Is there such a thing as a ‘green’ SEZ in Cambodia?

By definition, special economic zones are not green. Yet Cambodia, now overrun by foreign-financed SEZs, is trying to rewrite the concept. Success remains elusive.

Cambodians displaced by dam struggle to retain their identity

Villagers who had to leave homes flooded in 2017 by the Lower Sesan 2 dam have seen their culture and livelihoods eroded.

Tourism developments threaten Cambodia’s forests and coastline

Ream National Park was once meant to be a model of sustainable ecotourism, but powerful business interests have other plans for the richly diverse beauty spot.

The fate of Tonle Sap Lake is decided upriver

The use and construction of dams on the Mekong will determine the future of Southeast Asia’s largest lake.

Cambodians struggle to get compensation for Dara Sakor megaproject

People are still awaiting compensation a decade after the $3.8 billion Dara Sakor project started in Cambodia’s largest national park.

In Cambodia, solar power surges

Cambodia has turned to solar to meet its energy shortage, but it’s not quite ready to give up fossil fuels.

Coal plant deemed too polluting for China heads to Cambodia

As it cleans up at home, China is exporting coal power equipment and carbon emissions

Wealth gap grows as Cambodia modernises

Cambodia is urbanising fast with China’s help but the gulf between rich and poor is widening.