Will Cambodia’s concerns of ‘rocking China boat’ affect Asean unity over naval drills?

Planned exercises in the contested South China Sea will look at maritime security and be the first time the Southeast Asian bloc has held them, amid Beijing’s growing clout.

As Cambodia threatens Southeast Asian unity by remaining indecisive about taking part in the first-ever region-wide joint naval exercise, analysts said the drills should still go ahead even without the participation of one or more countries.

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Indonesian military chief Yudo Margono said after a recent meeting between Asean defence chiefs in Bali that the 10-member regional body would hold its first joint military drills in the South China Sea.

The exercises will focus on maritime security and rescue operations, and will not involve combat operations.

In full: https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/politics/article/3224917/will-cambodias-concerns-rocking-china-boat-affect-asean-unity-over-naval-drills

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