Teen experiences the good of social media

A video posted online featuring a Cambodian 14-year-old who can speak 16 languages has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the boy and his family.

The negative impact of social media has been increasingly apparent in recent months, from the proliferation of fake news, to online bullying, manipulation of voters and its use as a tool to spark hatred and violence. It is easy to forget that the ability to quickly convey information to millions of people around the world can also be a force for good.

Cambodian teenager Thuch Salik has experienced the power of social media and it has transformed his life. The bright, charming 14-year-old has a talent – he can speak 16 languages and dialects. Had it not been for social media, his ability would have been apparent only to the tourists he approached at Angkor temples in an attempt to sell them souvenirs.

In full: https://www.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/2178174/teen-experiences-good-social-media

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