Cambodian tycoon faces police probe after wife-beating videos go viral

Clip causes outrage but women's campaigners note that many people had found ways to justify the businessman’s violence.

A Cambodian property tycoon is being investigated by police after a montage of video clips showing him attacking his ex-wife went viral this week, prompting a rebuke from the government as it faces pressure to take tougher action on domestic abuse.

Following outrage over the video, Duong Chhay, 31, took to Facebook Live to accuse his former wife of having provoked his violence – earning some sympathy in a nation where campaigners point to a culture of victim-blaming around gender-based abuse.

The businessman, whose father is a police general, was not immediately arrested, but he was stripped of a royal honorific, reprimanded by the women’s ministry, and police said they were investigating the case.

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