Activists: Gov’t Should Stop Sanctioned Individuals From Continuing Illicit Activities

Environmental activists argue that Kun Kim and Try Pheap have amassed ill-gotten wealth from exploitation of Cambodia’s natural resources and should be stopped from further abuses.

Leading environmental activists and groups have called on the government to prevent recently-sanctioned Cambodian nationals, Kun Kim and Try Pheap, from further exploiting the country’s natural resources for personal gain.

General Kun Kim, who is a senior minister and the deputy head for a veterans’ association, and timber tycoon Try Pheap were sanctioned by the United States Treasury Department earlier in December, under the stringent Magnitsky Act.

The targeted sanctions completely block all transactions in property and financial interests within the U.S. or even linked to a U.S. national. This means assets freezes, travel restrictions and curtailed financial transactions.

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