Fonki—From Graffiti To Glory

Discover how Fonki’s murals are reshaping Cambodia’s artistic narrative, one vibrant stroke at a time.

Meet Fonki, a dynamic artist blending tradition with modernity in Phnom Penh’s thriving art scene. From his early fascination with street art in Montreal to his exploration of ancient Khmer design, Fonki’s journey is as vibrant as his creations.

As a curator and owner at FT Gallery, Factory Phnom Penh and a contributor to the 2023 SEA Games art showcase, FONKi plays a pivotal role in Phnom Penh’s art landscape. Prestige sat down with the artist to chat about how murals are rewriting the script for Cambodia’s art scene, adding a splash of colour and culture to the city’s landscape.

For FONKi, murals are more than paint on walls; they’re a bridge between communities, galleries and the streets, a conversation starter with passers-by. His art, from the graceful Khmer apsaras to portraits of his ancestors and even King Sihamoni of Cambodia, weave tales of tradition in a contemporary setting. Each piece is a vibrant snapshot of Cambodia’s rich history, a visual story waiting to be told.

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