No Bail for NEC’s Ny Chakrya: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Friday denied an appeal for bail for Ny Chakrya, an election official and former rights worker who has been imprisoned for almost a year while awaiting trial.

Mr. Chakrya, deputy secretary-general of the National Election Committee, has been in jail for 340 days along with four officers from rights group Adhoc for allegedly bribing a mistress of CNRP President Kem Sokha to deny an affair.

Mr. Chakrya was charged in May as an accomplice to bribery.

Presiding Judge Khim Pon on Friday upheld a no-bail decision by the Appeal Court, rejecting an argument from Mr. Chakrya’s attorney that he was not a flight risk.

At a bail hearing last month, Mr. Chakrya’s attorney Sam Sokong was chastised by Supreme Court chief prosecutor Ouk Kimsith for raising the fact that the jailing of the group had spawned the “Black Monday” campaign, which has resulted in numerous activists being arrested for protesting for their release.

“Please don’t bring up the Black Monday campaign to put pressure on the court,” Mr. Kimsith said at the time.

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