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Amid Pandemic, Cambodian Sign Language Education Needed More than Ever

When the coronavirus outbreak became a global pandemic in March, millions of people followed conferences and news broadcasts to understand this threat.

After a Six Week Lull, Cambodia Reports Second Coronavirus Case

The Cambodian Ministry of Health on Saturday announced it had detected a second new COVID-19 case this week, bringing the country’s novel coronavirus tally to 124 infections.

Labor Ministry Promises Former Hotel Employees Their Dues

Former employees of the Great Duke Hotel in Phnom Penh protested again outside the hotel for unpaid dues, with the Ministry of Labor announcing a compensation agreement but refusing to reveal the details of this deal.

Khmer Rouge Soldier Recounts SS Mayaguez Battle on 45th Anniversary

Around 45 years ago, Mao Ran found himself in a boat headed to Koh Tang island. This was the first time the Khmer Rouge soldier had seen the Cambodian coastline or the Gulf of Thailand.

Kung Raya Trial Completed in the Absence of Government Critic

Frequent government critic Kung Raiya’s trial was completed on May 20 without the presence of the defendant, who was staying in Thailand in anticipation of the verdict.

Cambodia Lifts Travel Ban on Six Countries Including the U.S.

Cambodia on Wednesday lifted its travel ban on six countries, including the United States, nearly two months after the government first imposed...

Cambodia Reports First Coronavirus Case in Six Weeks and Quarantines 62

Cambodia on Thursday detected its first new coronavirus case in almost six weeks, the Ministry of Health said.

Cambodia Reports First Coronavirus Case in Six Weeks and Quarantines 62

Cambodia on Thursday detected its first new coronavirus case in almost six weeks, the Ministry of Health said.

National Remembrance Day Events Cancelled Across Cambodia

Memorial and religious services planned for the National Day of Remembrance on May 20, which commemorates the genocide by the Khmer Rouge regime, have been cancelled on account of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

45 Years Later, U.S. Military Personnel Recall SS Mayaguez Rescue (video)

Corporal (Ret.) Al Bailey vividly remembers the battle scenes at Cambodia’s Koh Tang island on May 15, 1975.

Justice Ministry: ‘Reforms’ Will Hasten Court Procedures to Reduce Prison Overcrowding

The Ministry of Justice launched a campaign to reduce prison overcrowding and increasing logjam of cases at Cambodia’s courts by attempting to increase capacity at courts, accelerate trials and increase the use of bail and suspended sentences.

Family’s Ordeal Lays Bare Cambodia’s Socio-Economic Fragility During Pandemic

Ma Phearavy, her husband and oldest son found themselves unemployed in March. The novel coronavirus pandemic had wreaked havoc on the global economy, and, unsurprisingly, the Chinese investment-powered port city of Sihanoukville was not spared.

Siem Reap’s Tourism-Reliant Residents are Struggling Financially

The popular “Pub Street” sign in the temple town of Siem Reap shines bright against the night sky. But, nearly all the bars, restaurants, and clubs lining the usually-crowded tourist trap are dark and silent.

Kampong Chhnang Radio Owner Charged for “Incitement”

The Kampong Chhnang Provincial Court has charged and sent radio owner Sok Oudom to pre-trial detention on Friday, days after the Ministry of Information revoked the station’s media license for “exaggerated news reporting.”

Court Questions Kampong Chhnang Radio Owner Over Ambiguous Charges

The Kampong Chhnang Provincial Court is questioning a local radio owner Sok Oudom after the Ministry of Information revoked the media license for his radio frequency on allegations of “exaggerated news reporting.”

Rights Group Criticizes Cambodia’s ‘Failed War on Drugs’

Rights group Amnesty International released a damning report Wednesday documenting various human rights abuses committed along the law enforcement chain related to Cambodia’s “war on drugs” that has resulted in the arrests of tens of thousands of Cambodians.

Industry Body Touts Microloan Restructuring Program, But Provides Little Detail

The Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA) said Wednesday they had provided some form of relief to 118,000 borrowers, amid the novel coronavirus-induced economic slowdown, though providing little detail of the actions taken.

Government Discussing Prison Inmates to Reduce Crowding and Prevent Virus Spread

The Ministries of Justice and Interior are considering releasing prison inmates across Cambodia to reduce the perennial issue of overcrowding, which will also help alleviate concerns of the novel coronavirus spreading among prison populations.

Hit by Pandemic, A Handful of Garment Factories Switch to Mask Production

As more than 180 factories have suspended operations or shutdown recently in Cambodia, affecting around 200,000 workers, Hong Kong-owned Ming Fai factory worked fast to find an alternative source of revenue to avert the global economic slowdown induced by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Police Detain Critics of New Traffic Fines, Release Them Following Public Apology

The Phnom Penh Municipal Police detained and “educated” three people over the last week for criticizing the implementation of new, and heftier fines for traffic and safety violations on social media.