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Feds intervene to help Cambodia recover looted artifacts from Denver museum

The pieces had been sold to the Denver Art Museum by a renowned art collector who was later revealed to be a major trafficker in looted goods.

First Cambodian to return after deportation inspires others after gaining U.S. citizenship

“There’s this belief that once you get deported, that’s the final sentence of your life and there’s no chance of returning to a life back here, let alone a life with citizenship,” one advocate said.

Kent State massacre: The shootings on a college campus 50 years ago changed the...

The shootings at the Vietnam War protest was seen "as an indication that things in the U.S. — on and off campus — were spiraling out of control," a historian said.

Decades after resettlement, Cambodian refugees vulnerable to prison-to-deportation pipeline

As the U.S. commemorates the 45th anniversary of the refugee group's arrival, Southeast Asian American refugees still face hardships.

Ruling protecting Cambodian refugees might benefit others, lawyers say

A federal court ruling could have broader implications for other groups facing final orders of removal, one expert says.

U.S. citizen mistakenly put in deportation proceedings finally returns to America

Sok Loeun, a Cambodian refugee, had self-deported due to what advocates call a “failure at every level.”

ICE deported 25 Cambodian immigrants, most of whom arrived in the U.S. as refugees

“We expect ICE to conduct nationwide raids on this community again in the near future,” one expert said.

Advocates rally around former Cambodian refugee who faces deportation

“We are simply asking that Governor Newsom not assist ICE in deporting Tith,” said one advocate working with the man's family.

Former refugee faces deportation to country he’s never visited

Philya Thach, who is of Cambodian descent but was born in Vietnam, was detained earlier this month in the most recent round of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids on the Southeast Asian community.

Hundreds nationwide demonstrate against ICE deportations of Cambodian Americans

The number of Cambodian nationals deported over the past two fiscal years has seen a 279 percent increase, according to ICE, which said the majority were criminals.

Made in Cambodia: How women in poverty are supplying America’s market for hair

Third-world poverty pushes Cambodian women to sell their hair, feeding American demands for first-world vanity.

NBC Bay Area & AACI Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – Channary Bill

On April 13, 1975 Cambodia was filled with feelings of hope and new beginnings as it celebrated its New Year; however, four days later, a darkness fell throughout Cambodia as the Khmer Rouge took control of the country.

One year after Easter pardons, Cambodian refugees find fragile stability

Ex-California Gov. Jerry Brown granted more than 1,000 pardons, several of them to Cambodian refugees facing deportation after criminal convictions.

Cambodian refugees in Northern California are facing deportation

At least four Cambodian refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area were detained on March 13 during an immigration check-in.

College Admissions Scam: Follow the Money Behind The Key Worldwide Foundation

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit reviewed IRS tax forms filed by The Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF) and found the non-profit received $7,065,675 in contributions and spent close to $4,953,630 between 2013 and 2016.

Second Cambodian deportee to return to U.S., giving hope to others seeking return

Five years after he was deported to Cambodia, Veasna Meth is expected to return home to California on Wednesday, becoming what advocates say will be the second Cambodian deportee to return to the United States.

‘I can’t find any peace here’: Raised in the U.S. and deported to Cambodia,...

A record 126 Cambodian refugees were deported from the U.S. in 2018. Now they must adjust to living in a country many of them hadn't seen in decades.

Coos Bay man to spend life in prison for molesting children in Cambodian orphanage

A Coos Bay man who started an unlicensed orphanage in Cambodia where he "systematically and repeatedly molested children" will spend the rest of his life in federal prison, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon says.

Judge orders ICE to give notice before detaining some Cambodians for deportation

The temporary restraining order, granted Thursday, requires federal officials to give two-weeks written notice before re-detaining some Cambodian nationals.

Gov. Brown Pardons 5 Cambodian Refugees Among Other Clemencies

California Gov. Jerry Brown has pardoned five refugees from Cambodia and another immigrant from Honduras who faced the possibility of deportation because of their criminal convictions.