Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Do EU Sanctions on Cambodia Still Matter?

It seems so long ago (though it was only in February) that the European Union finally decided to partially remove Cambodia’s trade privileges under its Everything But Arms (EBA) scheme. So much, as they say, has happened since.

Saving Indochina’s Wilderness

A conversation with environmentalist Marcus Hardtke.

Cambodians Reclaim Angkor Wat as Global Lockdowns Continue to Bite

At Cambodia’s crown jewel, there’s “not a single selfie stick in sight” as tourists evaporate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Denies Chinese Naval Base Again—But What’s Really Happening?

The Cambodian prime minister has pushed back on the idea of exclusive basing rights for any country.

His Story Never Died: An Interview With Arn Chorn-Pond

As Cambodia observes its National Day of Remembrance, a survivor of the Khmer Rouge era shares his story.

The Mayaguez: Honoring the Fallen and Remembering the Survivors

U.S. soldiers who fought the last battle in Indochina deserve their place in military history.

When Hun Sen Met Kem Sokha

Was it really as newsworthy as it became that, on May 5, former opposition leader Kem Sokha, who remains on trial for treason, met with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen at a funeral ceremony for the first lady’s mother?

Southeast Asia’s Princelings

From Indonesia to Cambodia and beyond, the children of politicians are keeping the family business going – for better or for worse.

Cambodia’s Lost Digital Opportunity in the COVID-19 Fight

New restrictions on online speech will be counterproductive for the coronavirus response – and damaging for the country in the long term.

Cambodia’s COVID-19 Response in the Headlines with New State of Emergency

A closer look at the passing of the legislation that had generated controversy since it had begun to be floated.

Rising Coronavirus Fears in Cambodia as Hun Sen Nixes New Year Festivities

The premier has canceled next week’s Khmer New Year celebrations amid worries about the virus.

What’s in Vietnam’s New Coronavirus Assistance to Cambodia and Laos?

Late last week, Vietnam handed over some assistance to Laos and Cambodia as the two fellow Southeast Asian states continue to manage the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Will the COVID-19 Crisis Spell the End of Cambodia’s Hun Sen?

COVID-19 may not topple Cambodia’s Hun Sen, but its shockwaves could spark the beginning of the end of his rule.

What Did the 2020 China-Cambodia Golden Dragon Military Exercise Actually Achieve?

A closer look at how the recent drills, held amid the coronavirus crisis, actually played out.

Does Cambodia’s Coronavirus Bailout Really Add Up?

The proposed solution deserves scrutiny.

Remembering Cambodia’s 1970 Coup

A look back at a significant development in the country with implications that continue to play out today.

Why the Global Coronavirus Pandemic Could Get Worse for Southeast Asia

Recent indications suggest that the region’s problem could exacerbate in the coming weeks.

Coronavirus Fears Don’t Stop Biggest China-Cambodia Military Drills Yet

The exercise has continued amid continuing anxieties about the virus in both countries and the wider world.

New Joint Maritime Patrols Put the Focus on Vietnam-Cambodia Naval Ties

The two countries held the latest in a series of joint maritime patrols.

Cambodia’s Courts Under the Microscope With Australian Missionary Trial

The case is yet another test for the justice system in the Southeast Asian state.