Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Why Is a Washington State Senator Lobbying for Cambodia?

Ericksen argues that the United States should forge closer ties with Cambodia. Critics cringe at a legislator lobbying for a foreign government.

What’s Next for Kem Sokha’s Trial in Cambodia?

Recent developments have highlighted the event and the implications it could have for Cambodia’s domestic and foreign affairs.

Cambodia’s Disastrous Dependence on China: A History Lesson

Overdependence on China undermines Cambodia’s national security. We know because it’s happened before.

Beyond the Trump-Hun Sen Letters, Where Will a US-Cambodia Thaw End Up?

Amid the spotlight on the correspondence by the two leaders looms the bigger question of what a recalibrated relationship may look like and how it will evolve in the future.

What’s Next for Cambodia’s Opposition Politics?

After a big week for the country’s opposition, a look at what may lie ahead for it as well as Cambodian politics more generally.

Counting the Costs of Sam Rainsy’s Failed Return to Cambodia

The opposition leader’s thwarted bid to return to the country is not without its costs, irrespective of whatever benefits it may generate.

ASEAN and Non-Interference: What Do Cambodia’s Evolving Opposition Dynamics Reveal?

A closer look at Southeast Asia’s evolving approach to non-interference and the cross-border impacts of Cambodia’s recent opposition dynamics.

Sam Rainsy Return Hype Ripples Across ASEAN

Even though the opposition leader’s return to Cambodia itself may be unlikely, his loudly trumpeted voyage has sparked headlines across the region.

Deputy Defense Minister Visit Highlights Vietnam-Cambodia Security Ties

Last week, a high-ranking defense delegation from Vietnam paid a visit to Cambodia.

What Happens After a Cambodia Opposition Party Comeback?

A look at a range of scenarios that could follow a significant potential development.

Confronting Cambodia’s Waste Management Challenge

The country, especially its capital, has long had a problem with waste that needs to be addressed.

Cambodia-Czech Republic Defense Ties in Focus with Hun Sen’s Europe Tour

The security aspect of the relationship was in focus amid the premier’s visit.

The Macro Challenges in Cambodia’s Microfinance Sector

A closer look at an alarming trend.

Can the US Bring Cambodia Back from the Brink?

The road to democratization in Cambodia is paved with obstacles.

A New Cambodia-EAEU Trade Deal?

A closer look at a potential development that has been getting more attention of late.

Did Cambodia Just Make a U-Turn on Gambling?

A recent move warrants attention given the government’s previous positions.

Bridging the Gaps in the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway

How can we foster a more connected and inclusive Asia-Pacific?

Will Sam Rainsy’s Promised Return Bring People Power to Cambodia, Or Something Else?

Despite the opposition figure’s optimistic assessment, the outlook following his possible return to Cambodia remains unclear.

What’s Next for Kem Sokha and Cambodia’s Opposition?

The anniversary of the Cambodian opposition leader’s detention this week raises questions about his future.

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Hold Trilateral Security Meeting

The interaction highlighted ongoing efforts by the three countries to advance security collaboration despite lingering challenges.