Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Cambodian factory workers feel the pinch during COVID-19

Despite Cambodia’s success in curbing the spread of the coronavirus—just 225 official cases have been found so far—many of the country’s workers are finding it difficult to maintain their livelihoods as supply chains falter.

Migrant workers in Thailand at risk of abuse amid economic slowdown

Thailand is a regional leader in attracting migrant workers, especially from Myanmar and Cambodia.

Wanchalearm Satsaksit’s abduction in Cambodia: How they covered it

Wanchalearm Satsaksit, a prominent critic of the Thai government, has been missing and presumed dead since June 4. Eyewitnesses claim he was abducted in Phnom Penh, where he had lived since fleeing his homeland in 2014.

Vietnamese rubber firm breaks pledge to World Bank, clears indigenous land in Cambodia

New reports from eastern Cambodia say a Vietnamese rubber company has illegally cleared swaths of land in Ratanakiri province belonging to local indigenous communities, in violation of a World Bank-mediated agreement to return the land to local residents.

How sand mining puts Southeast Asia’s farmers at risk

“This land was mine, it eroded slowly from the riverbank and after a while, the whole chunk of land totally collapsed,” Than Zaw Oo, a farmer on the Salween River in southeastern Myanmar’s Mon State, told Reuters recently.

Amnesty International criticises Cambodia’s war on drugs: How they covered it

Amnesty International released a report condemning human rights abuses committed during Cambodia’s ongoing war on drugs. Here’s how the media covered the story.

Cambodian workers owe $10 billion in microfinance debt as COVID-19 wipes out incomes

As COVID-19 wrecks Cambodia’s economy, workers and families face added risks from record-high levels of microfinance debt. Without income, many will be unable to repay their microloans and may lose their land or be forced further into debt.

New study shows China caused drought in the Mekong, local experts must have control...

New research shows that in 2019, Chinese dams on the Mekong River trapped nearly all of the river’s flow, causing the record-breaking drought that still plagues the region. The new findings confirm what natural resource advocates have said for years: that local experts and communities must have control over their water.

COVID-19 lessons for Cambodia: Boosting resilience and economic recovery

As Cambodia braces for the worst of COVID-19, the government needs to brace the economy for the short-term impacts and consider what recovery could look like in the post-pandemic world.

The coronavirus outbreak weighs heavily on Cambodian supply chains

The onset of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak catalysed major slowdowns in regional trade and halted export-import activities in several impacted countries.

The partial withdrawal of EBA marks the failure of the EU’s engagement with Cambodia

The EU tried to push Cambodia on human rights by leveraging its preferential trade program. In partially withdrawing the program, it has entered a new phase of relations with the Hun Sen government.

After Sihanoukville: When a Belt and Road sideshow closes up shop

After several years of booming construction and rising foreign investment, the hot streak for the Cambodian beach town of Sihanoukville has gone cold. In late December, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced a permanent ban on online gambling, leaving thousands of Cambodian workers jobless.

EU rice tariffs hurt Cambodia’s farmers

Dealers use EU tariffs to squeeze Cambodian farmers. The episode holds warnings for 2020 as EBA protections remain under threat.

Can Hun Sen’s government plug the gap left by the EBA?

The EU says Cambodia must improve its human rights record or face a suspension of trade privileges. What will that mean for the nation’s financial health and the lives of ordinary Cambodians?

Rainsy isn’t bringing democracy to Cambodia: he’s bringing a reality check

In recent years, Cambodia has effectively become a one-party state with ever-tightening restrictions on freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.

Cambodia cancels holidays to boost growth but stalls on key rights issues for EU...

The Cambodian government plans to eliminate six public holidays, including International Human Rights Day, in a move to attract investors. But the ploy has drawn criticism from civil society and suggests the government will refuse to engage with the EU on domestic rights issues.

Brewing up nicely: Cambodia’s rapidly growing taste for craft beer

Following a global trend, the craft beer industry in Cambodia is growing at a rapid pace. Where has this newfound appreciation come from and why are companies choosing to launch there?

Cambodia gets serious about its illegal ivory trade

The director-general of the Cambodian Department of Customs and Excise, Kun Nhim directed all branch directors to intensify their efforts and crack down on ivory smuggling.

Cambodian PM’s proposed reforms show why EU sanctions will fail

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced a series of economic reformslast week to reinforce the economy in the event that the European Union (EU) revokes a key preferential trade program. 

In Cambodia, fintech development is slowly gathering pace

When it comes to Fintech adoption and funding, Cambodia trails its ASEAN neighbours. However, that presents significant growth opportunities in the future.