China’s Cambodian navy base project makes US wary, but fears it will host aircraft carrier are unfounded, analysts say

Satellite images show upgrades at Ream Naval Base in Cambodia nearly finished, and observers say facilities might be used for PLA logistics supply.

The PLA might be able to use a Chinese-built pier project in Cambodia for logistics but the facility could not be used for bigger military missions such as berthing an aircraft carrier, according to observers.

Satellite images from US company BlackSky Technology showed construction work was nearly finished on the pier at the Ream Naval Base in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand.

On Monday, BlackSky released 10 images showing the progress on the pier, which has been built with Chinese funding and labour, over the past several years. The company has been monitoring the development of the pier since October 2019 and found that construction has proceeded rapidly since August 2021.

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