Trail World Championship a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for Hongkongers representing Cambodia, Ireland and Ukraine

Mat Leng, Bryan McFlynn and Bogdan Onyschenko are surprised by the technical course in Portugal. Leng ‘had a blast’ shining a light on Cambodia’s running potential and is happy to see sponsors are already reaching out.

Three Hongkongers headed to the Trail World Championship representing other nations, but for one, it was about more than the race itself.

Mat Leng was pulling on Cambodian colours for a team in which two of the runners had never even run on trails, hoping to make a difference. Trail running in Cambodia is virtually unheard of, so the buzz about their appearance was “unexpected”, Leng said.

“Even the other teams were happy to see us,” he said. “We were like the mascot team. Even during the race, there would be calls for ‘Cambodia, Cambodia’ or spectators would pick me out of the crowd and cheer for me.”

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