The EU has to be aware the threat to Cambodia’s democracy has reached its pinnacle

If the West were to recognise recent election results enabling a dynastic one-party state, it would mean encouraging dictators worldwide and failing the Cambodian people and the international legal order, Sam Rainsy writes.

On Sunday, the world witnessed yet another wholly fraudulent election in Cambodia.


This Soviet-style pseudo-act of democracy, in a country that has been ruled by one man since 1985, was about paving the way for a dynastic transition between Hun Sen and his son, Hun Manet.

The current leader of the country’s army, and a graduate of West Point, NYU, and Bristol University, many hope that Cambodian democracy may be reborn with Manet coming to power – but, make no mistake, just like with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, this will not be the case.

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