Western Professionals ‘Enabling Transnational Kleptocracy: Report

The report identifies six service sectors, that plays an intermediary role in facilitating illicit activities, including the fintech and cryptocurrency, legal, incorporation, financial, real estate, lobbying, and public relations services.

WASHINGTON DC — A new report by the U.S. think tank has accused western experts of enabling authoritarian and kleptocratic leaders to launder and expropriate state funds.

The report, titled “The Enablers: How Western Professionals Import Corruption and Strengthen Authoritarianism” and published by the Hudson Institute this month, said western professionals had enabled kleptocrats to whitewash their criminal pasts and extend their political reach.

“When you are sitting in a lawyer’s office to review anonymous and empty cash with no identities apart from the digits, these financial flows are coming from, to a large extent, from authoritarian states and are coming from states which are deeply corrupted with the agenda to strengthen their authoritarianism,” said Ben Judah, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute and a co-author of the report.

Read the full story: https://www.voacambodia.com/a/western-professionals-enabling-transnational-kleptocracy-report/4562080.html

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