Two More Die of Injuries From NEC Crash in K Thom

Police said the death toll in the Aug 26 car crash in which a National Election Committee car struck a roadside gasoline stand has risen to 15, as two more people have died from their injuries.

Another 39 people are still recovering from their injuries, according to Kompong Thom province sub-commissioner Kem An, who said some victim’s families have filed police complaints against the driver of the NEC car.

Kem An said a police investigation has determined the driver was sleepy and lost control on Route 6 near the Phum Prasat market area in Santuk district.

According to one complaint filed, 29-year-old Chum Sam Ban is asking for compensation of 2 million riel (about $513) for the death of his 8-year-old brother, who he said was run over by the car, burned by the subsequent gasoline fire and later died in a provincial hospital.

Another complaint was filed by 64-year-old San Sun, who is asking for $1,500. He charges the car struck and instantly killed his daughter, Sun Khim, 34.

Kem An said some other families are seeking $1,600 in damages for the deceased and 200,000 riel (about $51) for the injured.

The NEC has so far paid 200,000 riel to the family of one victim who died and 50,000 riel (about $13) to an injury victim. NEC officials met with provincial authorities and families of the victims.

The NEC has brought some medical materials and staff to the hospitals where the victims are recovering. Other NGOs have also provided donations.

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