Suspected Ax Killer Sought

Kompong Thom provincial police Tuesday were seeking an arrest warrant for a 33-year-old man who they say killed his pregnant wife with a hand ax after she refused his drunken advances.

Kompong Thom police officers sent a letter to provincial court asking judges to issue an arrest warrant for Ou Kham, of Sra Lov commune, Baray district, in connection with Saturday’s killing of Noun Khoeun, 25, Kompong Thom Provincial Police Chief Men Sothy said.

Police say Ou Kham got drunk and tried to force himself on Noun Khoeun, who was three months pregnant with the couple’s child. She refused her husband, and a brief struggle ensued. Noun Khoeun fought off Ou Kham, who got angry and smash­ed a radio, the chief said.

Frightened, Noun Khoeun ran. She was just outside the door when Ou Kham grabbed a hand ax and flung it at her, Men Sothy said. The ax blade struck her in the back of the neck. Noun Khoeun collapsed and died. Her husband fled and remain­s at large, the chief said.

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