Police Nab 3 Suspected of Poaching

Three men who allegedly poached endangered animals for food in Pursat province are behind bars, police said. Former soldiers Chhan Rath, Suon Nhor and Say Pao were all arrested and charged with illegal possession of weapons. Possible charges of poaching await further investigation, according to court officials.

“They confessed they hunted some wild animals for food,” said Eng Peo Tith, head of the military police force task force on wildlife hunt­ing. The task force confisca­ted hides, bones and horns. Among the animals hunted were pythons, deer and sun bears, Eng Peo Tith said. The task force tried to travel to Phnom Samkos sanctuary to look for poachers who may have slaughtered two elephants in Veal Veng district. But they have been hampered by bad weather.

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