Nuon Chea’s Genocide Conviction Stands, but ‘Final Judgement’ Left Unsaid

Khmer Rouge second-in-command Nuon Chea’s genocide conviction will stand following his death nearly four months ago, but a “final judgement” on his guilt or innocence could not be handed down since his demise ended the appeal process, the tribunal that convicted him has said.

A legal expert on Wednesday said the Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s Supreme Court Chamber determined that the Trial Chamber’s 2018 conviction of Chea for genocide against ethnic Vietnamese and Cham Muslims and other crimes was not voided by the fact that his appeal was pending at the time of his death.

However, the higher chamber’s judges did not say whether they agreed with the lower chamber’s judgement, said Sok Sam Oeun, chief attorney at AMRIN Law and Consultants Group.

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