Man Arrested, Charged for Stabbing Royal Guard

A man was charged Tuesday after being arrested on Monday for stabbing a Royal Palace guard with a scythe when the guard told him to move away from the palace gates, according to a district police official.

On Uon, 24, walked around the Royal Palace on Monday morning and then stood in front of the palace gates on Sothearos Boulevard for 10 minutes, arousing the suspicion of guard Min Khnol, 45.

The guard asked the man to move, but the man began to act unusually, said Mr. Khnol, who was recovering Tuesday at Ket Mealea Hospital.

“When I looked at him, he looked strange, and I asked him to move from the front of the palace. Then I asked him a second time and he took a scythe and chopped at my neck,” he said.

Suos Sopheak, an officer in the Daun Penh district minor crimes office, said police arrested and questioned Mr. Uon on Monday and concluded he was on drugs.

“The suspect is a drug user and the drugs made him feel crazy,” Mr. Sopheak said, adding that Mr. Uon was sent to the court Tuesday and faces a charge of intentional violence.

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