Horrific accident puts Cambodia’s poor travel conditions for garment workers in spotlight

Five female garment factory workers had their arms severed clean off as they were commuting to work in an overloaded open-back truck.

Lang Srey Sar, 19, looks at the place where her arm was just a matter of weeks ago. The Cambodian factory worker lost the limb in a gruesome road accident. “Missing an arm … I look like a bird without a wing,” she says, sadly.

Srey Sar was one of about 40 garment workers on their way to their factories in an open-back truck on April 4 when it collided with a cement mixer truck that their driver was trying to overtake. Eighteen of the women were injured and five, who were holding on to the top of a metal frame, each lost an arm.

In full: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/article/3014826/horrific-accident-puts-cambodias-poor-travel-conditions-garment-workers

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