Court Summons Woman Over Scuffle During Visit to Border

A woman summoned to the Svay Rieng Provincial Court on Tuesday for questioning about a complaint she allegedly filed concerning violence at the Vietnamese border during a visit by CNRP lawmaker Real Camerin said she struggled to convince the court that she had filed no such complaint.

Soeun Hun was summoned to the court over injuries it said she received during a scuffle that broke out on June 28 between the lawmaker’s group and Vietnamese people in civilian clothes. The summons names Mr. Camerin along with fellow CNRP lawmaker Um Sam An and opposition figure Thach Setha.

Yet Ms. Hun said after the hearing, which was called by provincial deputy prosecutor Ong Ry, that she spent the entire time arguing that she had not filed a complaint.

“This morning the court questioned me about the violence at the border and asked whether I had filed a complaint or not, but I told the court I did not file a complaint. And I asked, ‘Who filed this complaint? Because I did not file a complaint,’” Ms. Hun said.

“[I asked] ‘Who told you that I filed a complaint? And when did I file a complaint?’” she said. “[The deputy prosecutor] was giggling and did not answer my question, and then he told me that I was the complainant and that my sister acted as the witness.”

“The court asked whether I know Real Camerin and Um Sam An…and I told him that I did not know them, I just went to the border with my sister and some other people to show them our border, and I did not know who they were.”

Ms. Hun said that the questions then turned to the details of what happened to her on the day of the trip.

“He asked me whether I had witnessed the fight, and I said that I had been hit and pushed by the Vietnamese people into the water,” she said. “He asked where we were injured…and who was leading the villagers, and I said I did not know them.”

Mr. Ry, the deputy provincial prosecutor, could not be reached.

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