Cambodia’s Government Faces Mounting Pressure to End Kidnappings, Torture

The Cambodian government has vowed to take action against illegal gambling, kidnapping and other crimes.

Cambodian deputy prime minister and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng is calling out government organizations and law enforcement, according to the Khmer Times media outlet. He wants them to work harder at ending crime in cities like Sihanoukville, which has been a hotbed for illegal activity for years.

Last September, police in Cambodia raided a compound in Phnom Penh linked to human trafficking and illegal gambling. Earlier this month, a man killed himself, allegedly as a last-resort attempt to flee a human trafficking ring. That was at the same time that police freed a group of Indonesians caught up in illegal trade.

These are just a few of the latest cases that highlight a certain degree of lawlessness that has taken over areas of Cambodia. However, the issues have been present in various degrees for years. Now, as public pressure to make changes increases, the government appears ready to take action.

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