Border Police Officer Charged Over Drunken Killing

A lowranking border police officer in Koh Kong province who killed a local man with a rock when a drunken argument between them escalated has been charged over the crime, a police official said Monday.

According to authorities, Rim Yoeun, 42, threw a rock “the size of a calf muscle” at Chhit Chhol, 47, inside the victim’s home in Mondol Seima district on Saturday afternoon, striking him in the right eye and leading to his death at the provincial hospital that night.

Koh Kong provincial police chief Somkhit Vien said Mr. Yoeun was charged by the provincial court Monday.

“We sent him to the court at about 10 a.m., and   the court charged him over the killing,” Mr. Vien said, referring further questions to the court prosecutor, who declined to comment.

On Sunday, Mr. Vien said he believed Mr. Yoeun did not intend to kill Chhit Chhol.

“The perpetrator did not throw the rock with the intention of killing him,” he said at the time. “It accidently hit the victim in the right eye.”

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