A dose of feminism – the YouTuber tackling taboos in Cambodia

Shortly after midnight each Sunday, Catherine Harry takes her place in front of a camera at her home in Phnom Penh.

As the city soundscape of chanting monks, temple bells, jackhammers and traffic quieten she goes to work on “A Dose of Cath”, her popular vlog tackling the gender taboos that still pervade her native Cambodia.

“Women, unlike men, rely on a wide variety of factors to raise their sexual desires,” Harry said to camera as she opened a forthcoming episode on women’s libido.

In full: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cambodia-women-media-trfn/a-dose-of-feminism-the-youtuber-tackling-taboos-in-cambodia-idUSKBN1ZD1M1

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