A 50-Year Legacy: Remembering Tim Page

Tim Page, a photographer and journalistic war horse who made his name covering the wars in Indochina, died this week at the age of 78.

Tim Page, the British-Australian war photographer, author, and hero to many, passed away on Wednesday, August 24. His obituaries, many written before his death, were a testament to a life that was as hectic and full as it was dangerous and inspiring. He was 78.

Page made his name as a war photographer in Vietnam. He was daring, some said stupidly so. He was wounded four times and lost a piece of his brain but survived before covering conflicts in Cambodia and Afghanistan, where he also worked as a United Nations Photographic Peace Ambassador.

His is an enduring legacy for a man many expected would be lucky to live beyond 30.

In full: https://thediplomat.com/2022/08/a-50-year-legacy-remembering-tim-page/

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