10 Suspected Kidnappers Arrested

Nearly all the members of a highly successful kidnapping gang have been arrested in the last month, even though the leader and two others remain at large, municipal police announc­ed Tuesday.

In a series of Phnom Penh raids—including a Sunday raid of a Chamkar Mon district home—municipal police captured 10 alleged kidnappers, including four women, Municipal Police Chief Sourn Chhengly said.

Sunday’s raid netted seven suspected kidnappers, all between the ages of 19 and 25, putting a dent in a kidnapping ring that allegedly has extorted $1.27 million in ransom money since 1998, Sourn Chhengly said.

Three members, however, remain uncaught: ring leader Sam Nara, also known as “Rasmach,” Chan Vann and Khim Sok Heng. Sourn Chhengly said the gang owns at least seven houses here in Phnom Penh, making members difficult to apprehend, and he urged anyone who sights the men to call the emergency police at 012-999-999.


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